Friday, September 19, 2014

Rathaa Curry House - Bandar Puteri, Puchong (Selangor)

My mum, leave her alone. She goes with the flow. Even though we clash like nobody's business, until we can't see eye to eye, when it comes to food, mum and I are akin best friends. Basically, we are the most adventurous foodies amongst the rest of the family clan. Dad on the other hand is still fixated over and under Indian food. Nevertheless, every now and then, he does long for noodles. Other than that, its Indian food flag flying. That's why sometimes he opts out from dining with us, but when he is on the go, it must be Indian food please. None other. On this day, Puchong definitely is stronghold fort for my family (Restoran Ho Poh & Kiat Seng Seafood Restaurant), easier as well to round them up instead of getting them any further, we nailed our lunch in Rathaa Curry House (Bibiwok & Bumbu Bali). Nothing is sincerely and prominently different in Rathaa Curry House. Another Indian eater like every other. Similar ambiance, similar service, similar food and lunch can't possibly defer from banana leaf meal. Logically so, we opted for the same. Banana leaf lunch which opened up with the same standard thingies. Rice, curries of the day, veggies of the day and accompanied by papadam, rasam, pickles and chutneys. We also called for extra items, by far, already prior agreed and called for, even before we sat. 

Potentially, a favourable and tummy gripping full meal. No complaints whatsoever, albeit service plunged drastically like the stock market once more customers walked in. Still, food deserve praises. Tender bite-able chicken, cooked in thick masala gravy and curry leave scented, Chicken Varuval was quite a delicious winner.
Likewise, albeit similar style of cooking, cooked with similar ingredients as the chicken dish, Mutton Parathal was a joy. Mainly because we didn't struggle with biting in, neither did mutton sink in between our teeth. Akin a major recognition for Rathaa Curry House, compared to our dining experiences elsewhere over such a dish.
Dad too enjoyed every bit of the sofu tofu chili fried. As per his taste, he finished off the whole lot, stock and barrel by himself.
Crispy fried chicken, akin a special order for kids, believe me, Indian kids I don't know why, they  just so love fried chicken. This crispy fried chicken tipped over aplenty onion disappeared quickly,  no doubt, but onion, as you know, is like poison for Indian kids. Wonder? Seriously!  
Our meal washed down by individual choices of drinks, ice lemon tea. rose cordial, barley ice, mango lassi and masala tea, we certainly were packed till literally no more space in our stomach.

At the end of this dining experience in Rathaa Curry House, I felt really and sincerely satisfied that dad ate to glory. Dad's food happiness in return in my love.

Rathaa Curry House
No 28, Jalan Puteri 5/1
Bandar Puteri Puchong
Tel: 80601528

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  1. Now what should I say after seeing such lovely clicks of food and you took of my breath saying ur mango lassi haha that should have been mine mango lassi!! Much appreciated reviews hope its helpful for people living there who crave for indianized food!! Indian dad and his love for Desi food!! I wished you could have clicked your dad eating and enjoying his treats :)

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  3. Ooo Nava the food looks so inviting when served in plantain leaf I just want to sit down and have that lunch esp seafood...yummm.

  4. Loving their traditional and authentic serving with banana leaves.....
    hard to found nowdays!!!

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