Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oslo, Norway

We made it, Hallelujah!! We made it even earlier for our overnight cruise to Oslo (Copenhagen Day 2, Copenhagen Day 1 Part 2 & Copenhagen Day 1 Part 1). Nothing! Literally nothing to do neither to see, of course  you can stare at the sea for the longest time. Into our tiny, basic and well maintained cabin for putting our things aside, thereafter, pretty much an earlier dinner. Aplenty seafood, obviously you can eat till you drop buffet in the wide dining area, it will be nice if you sit near the windows for the sea view while tucking in. And then what? As I have already said, nothing much, maybe most to most 30 minutes of walking the ship. Even then, it is back to doomed. Boredom. Henceforth, I decided to shower and practically forced sleep on me, whereas other half-half got together with the guys for poker and some drinks. Don't know what time he returned because surprisingly, I slept like a log of wood, every now and then, I did feel as though I was sea floating. A tiny bit of rock and roll which I don't think got to me. Thank god. Our morning was broken with, before anything else, showering, prior to tucking into breakfast, subsequently, clearing our room and awaited for an hour for safe landing in Oslo. Right off, sightseeing started.

Akerhus Fortress. On a hill in Oslo city center, Akershus Fortress in a breathtaking nature surrounding is an interesting and akin a rock solid stone age heritage architectural player, built to protect Olso in 1290. Used to be a prison, but over time, Akerhus Fortress has been valued for holding official events and functions. Nice. Guard protected, dazzling rose garden, our leisurely walk amongst the rest of the tourists absolutely happily morning awoke us elegantly. Nonetheless, due to time constraint, we couldn't squeeze in the Arm Forces Museum within the same area, one which you won't miss seeing as you exit out of Akerhus Fortress.  

Up next, Frogner Park! Not for the faint heart, nor for those who can't mind and eyes accept. Akin back to Adam and Eve time, I might as well also say that Frogner Park is the other version of Kama Sutra. Basically, nudity human art, ranging from kiddos to adults, various shapes and sizes stone sculptures lined on both sides, right from the bridge and all the way in. Massively packed on this day, all sorts of people, notably mostly Westerners, who were walking in all directions in this acclaimed as not only the biggest park in the central parts of Oslo, but also as world's largest sculpture park by a single artist. In short, everything in Frogner Park, primarily the stone sculptures and towards the end one piece tall order structure that projects humans over humans, seemingly climbing on one another I believe might prepare you on being broadminded in accepting the reality to human stone arts in their as raw, unclothed raw manner.  


Given and take, another 20 minutes for hanging around at the akin open auditorium platform for viewing other types of sculptures, later, we journeyed for lunch nearby Noble Peace Center. Wonder what wrong with my travel buddies? They were not at all keen in seeing Noble Peace Center. At least from the outside. I of course did. Absolutely a proud moment on my travelling gram. Must see please. Noble Peace Center synonymous for honoring and recognising people who have contributed towards the betterment, whichever way they did it, for our society.

By the time I turn around to look, fellow buddies were already gawking in the Chinese restaurant. Half of the dishes almost finished off, I quickly dashed in for my share of lunch. Lovable meal. I just so needed it. Rice! Oh what a joy. Heartily tucked, another 20 minutes for checking out the shops, prior to arriving at Viking Ship Museum. World's best preserved Viking ships and findings of Viking tombs from around Oslo Fjord, housing discoveries from the Gokstad, Oseberg, and Tune ships. Additionally, small ships, sledges, cart, tools, textiles and household utensils. Knowledge gained, indeed. Be mindful though, photos are not allowed in most sections. I didn't know until I was kindly reminded.

Kon-Tiki Museum awaited us next. Walking distance. How can I not recall? Oscar winning Kon-Tiki documentary. Sea survival crazy journeys, artifacts, vessels and Nordic history, well laid and well presented in Kon-Tiki Museum. Less than an hour, we crossed the road for the behind beautiful sea view before closing our chapter in Oslo. Dinner and to the hotel, a long journey definitely is in store next morning for Norway elsewhere.

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