Sunday, September 21, 2014

MAC Mineral Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream

Alright. I know, you know, in fact, its a known fact. Skin care products don't last forever, especially eye care products that are packed in tiny tubes or containers. Thus, I guess the question is back to, should we settle for a product we are familiar with (Body Shop Elderflower Gel) or go get a new one. Obviously, a tricky question I know. Wanna know what I think? I think some of us are not risk takers. We complain hell of a lot, yet we will remain faithful to the same products or perhaps it is a matter of money, more than anything else. Understood. I do. For me, for me and nobody else, it's both. However, when I am okay fine with my budget, I am gamed for a new product. Precisely the case when I returned to MAC store again (Lightful Cleanser and Bright Formula SPF30PA++)

MAC Mineral Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream
A rich advanced & hydrating eye cream, developed with ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology.
Helps hydrate & illuminate the delicate eye area. 
Visibly minimizes the look of dark circles fine lines & puffiness instantly & persistently. 
Unveils a softer smoother more vibrant looking eye zone.
Ingredients? Oh-boy or oh-woman, a whole list of ingredients stated on the packaging. For those of who are equipped by scientific management qualification, I bet you can figure out. But not for a lay-woman like me. I honestly couldn't and still can't comprehend which is which and what is what. Sort of a higher end beauty lingo, I am mind you, not a mad scientist scientific beauty. So, logically unlike those beauties who can bluff their way through by trying to plot those ingredients, I am not going to do the same. You figure out for yourself. Read and digest if you feel you should, especially for those who are so particular about ingredients in eye cream.   
Of course, I can tell you that MAC Mineral Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream is a pretty sight packaging. Cute adorable small round container and a twistable matte black lid atop. But because most probably MAC didn't do budgeting for a spatula, we should be grateful for god given our fingers for scooping and applying. Or, maybe you will love Colonel Sanders KFC free given plastic white spoon for, as I have said, dipping in and taking just a tiny bit of this non-greasy, velvety, odourless and right consistency cream. A tiny bit for dotting, tapping and circling around your eyes. Sinking in quickly without much hassle, no burning, no stinging and "don't cry for me Argentina" theoretically made cream, MAC Mineral Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream does hydrate without heaviness, it wears well under concealer and it works well and good for moisture conquering and harnessing. For day and night use.   
Three months so far of being faithfully mine and still going strong, unfortunately, MAC Mineral Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream did no justice for my dark circles and I can't speak about puffiness which is not an issue for me. Hopes are dashes, primarily for dark circles lightening, therefore, I am not going to consider MAC Mineral Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream for the next round I need to replenish my eye cream. 

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  1. same as mine.. thank God i am facing no wrinkles and nothing.. but dark circles.. i used Garnier eye roller once.. it helped me alot.. by the way nice review dear nava n u r looking great :) no doubt..

  2. i like such oil free formulas for undereye
    u look great in the pic
    keep in touch

  3. nice review nava.i did not give a try on this

  4. The name mineral charged water moisture is certainly very attractive, but too bad it didn't deliver as much. You look cool, Nava!

  5. seems great!

  6. Great Post! Follow each other on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin? If yes, follow me and i follow back as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my Blog

    Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany

  7. I think there is no cream which works because factors like no stress, adequate sleep also play a major role in reducing them which is hard with so much to do on a day. The cream is decent I wished it worked on dark circles too.. nice review!!


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