Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Laxshmi Bhavan Indian Restaurant - (SS14, Subang Jaya) Selangor

Its unavoidable, it just happens. Food eventually is the central topic before lunch time. Colleague who is a regular in Laxshmi Bhavan have been harping about it until the rest of us literally jumped in and said - lets get it done and over today itself. Driving earlier by 12.00pm is definitely the route game in Subang Jaya, trust me, you wouldn't want to fight for road space later among the mothers who won't care less but drive like monsters for chauffeuring their kids to school. Quite a tyrant these ladies can be let me tell you, I thought its only the Chinese ladies, seemingly Indian ladies don't want to be left behind either. The other advice from Nava K to all of of you for lunching in Subang Jaya is car pooling. I know you badly want to show off your brand new car, maybe you can do it some other time, but when it comes to driving during lunch time in Subang Jaya, I hope you won't mind car sharing for also avoiding parking space anger staring and battling. Our plan was spot-on. We stepped foot in Laxshmi Bhavan Resturant by 12.15pm. Outwardly clean, neat and organised, pretty much not much of a difference from other Indian restaurants, please don't ask me about the toilet. I didn't use, so I have no comments. If the smell would have got to me, I won't hesitate telling you, no worries. Seemingly no smell whatsoever.

The way to your lunch meal in this restaurant is rather straightforward. A plate of rice will be handed over, stand in front of the pre-prepared dishes for scooping all of it, just kidding, scoop the items which tempts you and take you seat. Simultaneously, get your drinks ordered, maybe you would like to also request for papadam, rasam and what not, what else is next except fingers will do the job or there's always the Western style of forking and spooning.  

Choices are aplenty. In fact bountiful bounciness as you can see. Of course, famed fried chicken, fried fish or whatever fried must be part of the items right? Of course. Otherwise, how can we Indians be healthy? Dang! I couldn't immediate decide which dish should go over my rice. This, or that or that or this? Eventually I comprehended that I can't be standing forever in front of the dishes. I made my decision, so did my colleagues and to the table we have already prior taken up.

How did it go for us in Laxshmi Bhavan Restaurant? Quite tasty actually. Elevated tastefully with the quintessential Indian ingredients like spices, curry leaves, coconut, dried chillies, lentils and curry powder. Additionally, not overly salty, the crispy fried veggies without a doubt were crunchy, and tender moist chicken as for the chicken varuval/dry style and kicap chicken. But, egg sambal didn't go down well. Maybe I shouldn't compare with Malay style egg sambal, still, I found it to be rather bland. Didn't kick the accustomed deliciousness on my tongue and throat. Service which started off promisingly began slacking once more customers started walking in. In fact, our drinks didn't arrive until we had to constantly remind them. Duh! 
Will I return to Laxshmi Bhavan Restaurant again? I'm not really sure. Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe for dinner or what say you? Let me know. I'm all ears.

No 84,  Jalan SS14/1
Subang Jaya.

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  1. Wow so many dishes ...Nice ,fantastic meals .

  2. i think this is the first time i read an indian restaurant experience on your blog :)
    there really is a huge spread,and i see a lot of yummy veg options too
    keep in touch

  3. i would be at lost too on what to choose. so many dishes to choose from. thanks Nava. will go there and try :)

  4. Wow many choices, I would love to try them all...I am glad that you all enjoy the meal.
    Hope you are having a great week :D

  5. With so many options u are spoiled fr choice.. loved the variety made my mouth water :))

  6. Beautiful nice clicks Nava hope you really enjoyed in an Indian restaurant with a great meal

  7. Very tempting pics. Everything looks delicious. Yum Yum :)


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