Monday, August 25, 2014

Copenhagen (Denmark) - Day 2 (Frederiksborg Slot & Kronborg Castle)

Fruitful first day. Utter but there's still 7 days for positively shattering us. Admittedly quite a tiring day as well. Sightseeing walking within the next 2 hours after almost a day of sleep deprivation due airport in and out, and also being up in the air, indeed, tiredness eventually caught up on us. Nevertheless, in all genuine fairness, Copenhagen couldn't at all be faulted. Copenhagen remarkably opened up in its most starling, calm and serene as ever regards (Copenhagen Part 2 & Copenhagen Part 1). Having said that, as tired as we were, we couldn't shut down for the day. Never easy-peasy I believe when you are in a totally new environment. Unfamiliarity or because we can't contain our far travelled overwhelming happiness, sleep might trouble us. Aside to whether we slept, or just catnapped, or we didn't sleep at all, sightseeing the following morning must go on. It must. I guess you won't even have a choice to staying behind, if there's a switch in hotel. So, everyone must get ready by 9.00pm. Whether you skipped or heartily tucked into the hotel buffet breakfast, that's beside to the point. Time is still essence for sightseeing. We did, prior to arriving in Frederiksborg Slot. Stupendous! What a super duper morning start. Nature breather huge garden walkway, huge trees overshadowing tadbit of sunshine from god's heaven, and colorful flowers gently dancing in the faint breeze as we walked while inhaling fresh air. Conquering and immersing me instantly. So lovable. A long walk obviously till where the castle is.

Rustic heritage castle and courtyard water fountain quaintly welcoming us, we leisurely walked in to view Denmark's Museum of National History. Housed in Fredericksborg Slot from akin ancient time 1878, built at the time of Christian IV (1588-1648) and restored after a fire in 1859, Denmark's Museum of National History was founded by brewer J.C. Jacobsen as a separate department of Carlsberg Foundation. Looks like Carlberg has a stronghold in Copenhagen, we did by the way visit Carlsberg Brewery yesterday. What's in store for us tourists in Denmark's Museum of National History? Rooms such as the Chapel, the Rose, the Audience Chamber and the Great Hall, Denmark's Museum of National History Museum also contains Denmark's most important collection of portraits, historical paintings, and distinguished decorative art. Awesomely and substantially backing us up in our historical internal and external database drive. History is forever a close thing to my heart, I loved what was unveiled, all in all the broad spectrum of Frederiksborg Slot.

Pretty much the whole morning taken up, including for detouring out of Frederiksborg Slot, much looked forward to lunch was next. An hour, the standard allocation, some of us were already done before that, especially me who no matter what, must have rice, albeit I can't criticise the salmon meal I had. Thereafter, we journeyed to Kronborg Castle. Sun was trying to justify winter, but it failed. Weather was still chilly, our travelling legs walked us into Kronborg Castle. One of the most important golden age castles in Northern Europe,  taking a spot list on UNESCO's World Heritage Site in 2000, and built by King Eric VII in the 1420s. Incredible Kronborg Castle.
For me, besides awing at Kronborg Castle, of course its surrounding must be captured praised too, one of the discoveries while walking and then jumping clowning in joyousness was the fact that you can actually cross over from Kronborg Castle to the shores of Sweden. Simple. Get into the ferry for the other side landing. We should have done it. Regrettable. So far yet so close.

Actually, initially Sweden was on our travel list, unfortunately though, due to my other half-half's nature of job, he can't be away for another few days, Sweden was dropped off. Let me see if I can make to Sweden in the near future. Never know, at this juncture, I better not say anything. Now, as we were still having fun in Kronborg Castle, tour guide came by for reminding us to get moving. Otherwise we will be left behind from boarding DFDS Scandinavian Seaways overnight cruise for Oslo morning arrival. 

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  1. One of the must-do tours is visiting castles in Europe & I've always enjoyed........

  2. Beautiful pictures, Nava. Oh to see rows and rows of agapanthus in bloom! Simply breathtaking! Enjoyed going through the other sights too. Did you like the food on the plate? Looks good!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Frederiksborg Castle/Palace looks amazing!

  4. Aaah Denmark, such a beautiful country! Really want to visit :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. beautiful captures..seems like a calm and peaceful place...

  6. Loved this place.. amazing clicks n u look great too :)


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