Friday, August 1, 2014

Uncle Seng Homemade Noodles - SS15, Subang Jaya

My lunch of convenience is usually within and around Subang Jaya. Walking from the office is definitely the best option (Malaqa Nyonya House), other times, if its a lunch meetup and I am driven, I do venture a bit further (Big Hug Burger, Hyotan Japanese, Restoran Nirwana Maju, Kitchen Art Brasserie & Vivo Empire Subang). On this day, it was another lunch meetup, my friend fetched me and since I only had an hour in hand, we decided to drive around the row by row shop-lots in SS15. Within the next, lets say 15 minutes, we had enough of circling in the traffic. Hunger too was slowly killing us, a quick thought, at the spur of the moment, landed us in Uncle Seng Homemade Noodles. That too after double-parking, but, not until without my friend ensuring that his phone number is made public. Guess that's how it is, one of the tricks to parking in SS15, thereafter, we made our way into Uncle Seng Homemade Noodles. 

An unassuming coffee shop style eatery, in fact it is, constantly pulling in groups and groups of students, I also noticed some office staff. Upon being seated, once I looked around, honestly, I felt that cleanness is a question mark, especially the wall our table was against. I did feel, mind you, uncomfortable. Hopefully, sooner or later, Uncle Seng will consider at least a fresh coat of paint, then again, I think most Malaysians wouldn't mind closing their eyes to ambiance in coffee shops when tasty food is the biggest delight. All the more, potentially, Uncle Seng, I believe has already made his name, his home made noodles sells better than hot cakes. Therefore, its basically up to you, I too basically avoided looking at the wall.

Prompt service, akin on roller blades, one piece laminated menu popped up, we quickly ordered. Nothing possibly to ponder over and over again, its between the limited, maybe 6 to 7 types of noodles and toppings. Food and drinks arrived in a jiffy, lets say before the next 5 minutes. I firstly helped myself to the vibrant chilli dip and pickled chilli, thereafter tucked into curry chicken noodle.

Not bad. Fared quite right. Al dente noodles, some green veggie and atop with, basically, chicken cooked in curry. Noodles must be hailed, curry wasn't the best among the rest, when eaten with the chilli dip, it absolutely kicked in my love of spiciness. Deep fried pork noodle, accompanied alongside two small servings of clear soup, I guess one of it is for me, my lunch companion forked into was not a letdown either. He didn't like praise, as usual, the general standard comment you get from men is ''okay", which by far must be interpreted as acceptable.

Washed down with barley ice while we tucked in and as we caught up with each other, we didn't want to stay put any longer. More people walked in and stood around waiting for a table, the swinging fans too didn't do much justice to the hot blistering weather.

Uncle Seng Homemade Noodles - SS15, Subang Jaya
88, Jalan SS15/4b
Subang Jaya

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  1. LOL...the parking at that area memang hard to the place being popular...sure have to wait long for parking

  2. It always feels terrible when you go to a restaurant with an amazing reputation and find out the food is not good

  3. lovely clicks nava sweety :) restaurant simply looks great :)

  4. Hi Nava, the noodle look good. Ha...I love the bottle of pickled green chilli. :))
    Nice pictures.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

  5. Somehow, I always like visiting those stalls with traditional names. I just have that kind of idea that they serve good authentic food :)

  6. YUM! I love noodle dish, especially you I like nine with more sauce...
    Enjoy your weekend Nava :D

  7. I love homemade noodles.Normally it comes in soup, a nice difference to see it served dry

  8. you have so much to show us!! love the way you bring out all the details. Looking forward for more. it is like im exploring along with u hehe


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