Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thai Thai Revisited - Sunway Pyramid

Back, back to Sunway Pyramid for a quick shopping spree and back again to Thai Thai. Quite a regrettable decision actually as Thai Thai spilled over with customers during this Ramadhan month. So service?  No where to be seen despite patiently calling over and over. Finally after 10 minutes, the female staff came with the menu and kept apologising. As soon as she suggested the dishes, I melted and anger was forgotten but since hunger was unbearable, I reminded her to speed up with the first dish.  

Upon the arrival of "Mieng Kam", the traditional Thai appetizer, visually pretty and brimming colourfully, we packed the fresh betel leaves with the condiments and packed our stomach. A lovely starter and truly pleasing, next we tackled the kailan stir fried with salted fish, eaten with rice, another appetising dish.  

Up next the seafood tom yam - a clear winner for its well-balanced flavours working in harmony to deliver the tangy and spicy flavors. I crazily scooped and sipped the soup while my dinner companion didn't mind digging to the bottom of the pot to finish off the prawns, sotong and fish.
To calm down the burning heat on our tongue and throat, in between we sipped the fresh carrot juice and lemon juice.

The next dish, mango salad didn't disappoint either. Light and crunchy with its sweet-savoury tang-zang, we absolutely pleasured into this salad.

The sweet rendering to this dinner was "Tub Tim Grob" (red rubies) - shaved ice with red coloured water chestnut, jackfruit, coconut milk and sugar.   
Thai Thai - well, despite the waiting time, it is the place for tasty authentic Thai food. Let me see, if  I will return again but certain not during the peak hours. 

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  1. That That sounds amazing - what an intriguing appetizer and that dessert "Tub Tim Grob" looks heavenly!

  2. lovely review dear and i am loving the dessert most.. rice in a platter it really looks awesome. it feels like you really like to travel and discover new things and places... this thing is making you different and unique from other bloggers :) nice work dear nava

  3. Yum. Even though I just finished lunch, your post is making me hungry.

  4. i love the things you have ordered. Must be nice. Maybe one of these days will drop by there

  5. Great review! I'm not so fond of spicy food, I'm sure my palate would have burned! Glad you had a good time!

  6. What great photos, so vibrant in colour! I love Thai food, the spicier the better :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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