Thursday, August 21, 2014

Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss - Rose Prism

I am without a doubt a sucker for point blank attentive customer service. I am. For me, service is utmost important, of course should be in tandem as well with whether we are keen in buying those products, I am specifically referring to beauty products and those beauty consultants in beauty stores. Those beauty consultants I believe can make or break your perception on the brand they are entrusted. My experiences says that some of them I personally have encountered are sweet adorable dollings, whereas others think they are almighty. They judge you by the way you dress, they also judge you by your age, and I am not wrong if I say that skin color makes or breaks whether they will attend to you. This Laura Mercier doll, remember, previously I have shared my review on  Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser? That's right beauties. She, I tell you, she just swept me off my feet until I couldn't resist buying this Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss. One of the color choices between the other two limited edition. Pink Prism and Nude Prism. Swiped on my lippie to convince me, I paid and returned home.   

Product Description
Brilliant Glacé is a sheer lip gloss with translucent colour, brilliant prismatic shine and its non-sticky formula feels lightweight and comfortable on lips.
Provides a brilliant shine with an iridescent pearl finish with gel like texture.
Applies smoothly and evenly onto lips by providing long-lasting colour.
Enhances the look of lips without feathering or bleeding
Moisturizing emollient formula conditions and soothes lips
Creates the appearance of fuller lips
Non-sticky, non-tacky, non-greasy formula
Dermatologist tested
Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive

For the next one month, there was no other shade on my lips except Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss. Swiped by picking it up with the wand, thereafter, a single layer gently and demurely colored on my quite badly pigmented lips. A single layer is impressive, good enough, this gloss unselfishly gives me the glossiness my lips screams for. I like it as well that it adds a light sheer shine. Because my pout is already obvious and stands out like nobody's business, I don't feel comfortable swiping more layers for further pouting, a single swipe for a natural look is what I actually, truly and naturally prefer.   
Additionally, Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss does moisture drench me, it does not bleed nor feather up notably. Lightweight and non-sticky, its unique blend of anti-aging and anti-oxidant plumping ingredients feels comfortable when applied and left alone for the longest time. Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss I vouch is a pretty finish for my warm skin tone, for occasions, I add a tiny touch of it over my lipstick (Maybelline Color Sensation Red Porcelain Lipstick, We Show You How To Wear Red Lips & Lovin' Lip Stains) for a pride and proud pout.
All in all, I am hailing Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss as a gorgeous translucent gloss, its pigmentation is nice for a sheer non opaque finish but its staying power is only for, lets say two hours. Then again, so are other lip glosses too. So, reapplying is, if you don't want to let go of its light shimmer and glossiness, is supposedly a must. Having said that, Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss is not within the budget for an average woman like me. Rather pricey, for me at least. Therefore, I can't really forced you towards it. Look at your budget, and then decide whether you are gamed for Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Lip Gloss. 
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  1. Pretty shade nava...great review

  2. its such a beautiful lip color
    Keep in touch

  3. Lovely shade and this is so versatile! =)

  4. again a very nice review on lip gloss :) colour is so soft .. i like it :)

  5. I have not tried this brand before. Will look out for it

  6. love the shade of the lip gloss.....very nice review ...


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