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Heritage Village - Jaya Shopping Centre (Section 14, Petaling Jaya)

And so, I was invited, I arrived enthusiastically all the way from Shah Alam after beating the massive jam to make it earlier. In fact, I was the first few. As usual, hi and hello, of course, not all bloggers are user friendly. They do totally ignore you. Others will give you a faint smile, whereas some somehow seemingly won't be happy that you are part of this bloggers food review (HungryGoWhere). Like I cared anyway? I waited and within the next 20 minutes, dishes were rolled out. God, so slow the pace, didn't help that this photo capturing the best shots by the hard cores irritated the lights out of me. What can I do? Nothing. Almost an hour for picturing, hunger meanwhile has massively killed me until I really felt like walking out to eat elsewhere, prior to dashing home. Then again, in all good mannerism, I awaited in this stylish, spacious and resembling a modern Nyonya ambiance restaurant. Food, cold food which was put to cold storage because of picturing madness, can you believe it? Also 11 dishes shared by 20 people? Honestly, to tell you the truth, my off mode was already triggered, I still ate mainly because of hunger throne.

Heritage Nyonya Plate
Heritage Nasi Lemak
Otak-Otak Fried Rice
Fried Kuey Teow
Assam Laksa
Loh Mee
Prawn Mee
Chicken Lor Bak
Heritage Jiu Har Char
Asam Pedas Fish
Fish Head Curry
Between these dishes, assam laksa. loh mee and prawn mee were okay whereas the rest should be  marked as pass. Other than that, I really have nothing else to say. I won't. I don't think I should. Pissed off, I was the first to walk out after thanking the organiser. Quickly to the food court, I gratified myself over some food, before returning home feeling really disappointed with this whole concept of bloggers food review. Nonsense. Wish I had voiced out on photo mania madness, then again, everyone seemingly didn't even bother, so, I couldn't potentially rock the food boat.

Trend alongside "nava-k", possibly on every other social media please. Your support is my rocket success. Thank you everyone.

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  1. I can see why you would go there, it looks amazing.

    Pooja Mittal

  2. Food looks good . drinks bit pricey.

  3. The food, ambience and the decor all look so nice.. thanks fr sharing with us abt this place !!

  4. beautiful lovely place dear Nava.. i am drooling on fish curryyy :P Otak Otak fried rice is nicely presented ..

  5. Yummy! Yummy! Platters, made me to drool...

  6. Think you had an awesome time there, they have presented the dishes pretty well.

  7. YUM! Everything looks delicious Nava...
    Hope you are enjoying your week :D

  8. Sounds pretty cool and food looks delicious too!


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