Friday, August 15, 2014

Copenhagen (Denmark ) - Day 1 (Part 1)

My travelling bags, as well as my kept aside shoes for walking me while travelling screamed their lungs out when I gave them a broad smile to indicate that they will be put to good use (Krabi Libra Cruise & Perth My Knowledge Travel Venture). My smile pretty much indirectly told them that they will be travelling alongside me throughout this 9 days & 7 nights Denmark & Norway tour. Oh-mamma-mia! All of us happily grinned and glittered together, thanks to my other half-half for this our regarded as worked hard and rewarded globetrotting holiday. Our second in line, the first was (2 Days Of Rome). I of course have had my fair share of seeing the world on my own while other half-half was working his butt out. Potentially for reaping rewarding us towards this already planned a year ahead holiday. Our much eagerly awaited day arrived, off we left to KLIA prior to landing in Amsterdam for Copenhagen transiting. Stepping foot at the airport (Ho Chi Minh City & Bangkok Through My Canon) less than an hour for every clearance group, off we left to Slotsholmen for lunching at one of the Chinese restaurants along the row of shops. To the first floor, in all excitement I completely forgot to note down the name of the restaurant. Believe me, I was still pinching myself from the moment we walked from the main road. Unbelievable. Am I actually in Copenhagen? Yes, I am. Our early lunch, by 11.30pm, opened up invitingly.

Satisfying meal, really. I especially hungrily tucked in because flight food is not my kind of food. Flight meal just kills me off. An hour for lunch, thereafter we walked along the long street just down there where the restaurant is located. Quite a busy street lined with stalls on both sides and people walking up and down. Shopping definitely was not the call yet, not on the first day potentially. Anyway, I came completely prepared. I packed ample winter clothes for this beginning of winter time in Denmark. So, shopping was out of the question totally. Instead I trigger happily and leisurely walked around, at the same time, my camera did the job for capturing my moments.

On our way out,  we had a  20 minutes stop within the large open  where the complex of government building is, for viewing the Parliament, Supreme Court and Prime Minister's office. We also bumped into some Indians who were really happy in meeting us.

We shook hands and casually spoke by introducing ourselves, subsequently we crossed the road in front of the fountain for hopping into the awaiting coach, prior to journeying to Langelinie (Copenhagen Harbour Promenade). Marvelous splendidness. Harbour front and garden and park walkway, we walked right up to where "The Little Mermaid" is. Sitting demurely on a rock by the waterside, I felt as though Little Mermaid smiled and greeted me. Imagination does run wild, doesn't it when you travel, it did for me. Little Mermaid filled me up because I felt so overwhelmed that I actually had my special chance in seeing her. Sincerely meaningful. Little Mermaid is the ever popular tourist attraction since 1913, by Edvard Eriksen and modelled after the Royal Theatre ballerina, Ellen Price.

I think I did manage to squeeze myself amongst the rest of the tourists, mostly Westerners, a few groups of Chinese too, for picturing beside The Little Mermaid. Wasn't an easy task, mind you. Some of these people just wouldn't make way. They kept crowding around, mainly near the rock so close to the water. Now, if you are asking me where is the picture of "The Little Mermaid" and myself, only god knows. I myself am unsure what when wrong where. Picture went missing from my camera. Sadly. Anyhow, an hour well spent primarily for admiring The Little Mermaid, before bidding bye-bye to her, my other half-half bought a tiny version of her, which as far as I know is not sold anywhere else in this world. Little Mermaid is now seated in my showcase. I do every now and then, take a look at her and we smile at each other. She is my memory of my moment in time with her on my first day in Copenhagen.


  1. Wow, what a great clean city!!!
    My question is, why did you flown away to another europe country and yet still had a chinese restaurant to try ?, lol
    well, i guess i can't live without rice too :)

  2. I love the house with the creeper plant crawling up.nice

  3. Thanks for the virtual tour Nava,I bet u had lots of fun :)

  4. such a lovely place Nava dear.. drooling over the food pics :) and lovely clicks :)
    thanks a lot for sharing. bless you sweety

  5. Lovely sure you enjoyed lot...

  6. Gosh, are you off somewhere again? I can't keep up with you, Nava! Hahaha!
    Miss Copenhagen so much! I used to fly there quite often during my job.

  7. I really enjoyed this tour through your lens!! Amazing <3

    Lotsa love :)

  8. I hope to visit Denmark soon, what a beautiful place :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Like your travelogue looking forward part 2.....

  10. vow.. stunning pics and the food was yum too.. lovely post :)


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