Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vivo - Empire Subang Shopping Gallery (Subang Jaya)

Back to six months once car "must be serviced" routine, back to Empire to kill time (Chili's, Pasta Zanmai & Belanga) and back to the the same question. Where to makan/eat?. Maybe I should, I could, I can return to the same eateries or opt for the rest. But since most of it have already been my dining experiences, I've covered, potentially most of it, obviously then, slimmer my chance for spotting an unfamiliar eatery. Vivo pretty much was the pick for this day, I had to be their first customer. I sat outside, menu came by, I ordered, I took pictures and timing was akin perfectly set for food and drinks to arrive.

Between the quite abundant choices features on the menu, I had opted for this thick, creamy, chocolaty, atop with a dollop of whipped cream and tiny pieces of marshmallows frosty drink. Indeed, a smooth operator, which can fill up a small eater like me quickly, I sipped in and I loved it. Had to be because usually when I dine out, I prefer fruit juices or coffee. So, this once a while occasional drink, which can be regarded as dessert as well, pleasured me instantly. 
Next was daintily tucking into the prettily plated sausage set meal. Two grilled long chicken sausages, a scoop of mashed potato, salad and brown sauce. Unfortunately though, as vibrantly attractive this set was, sausages and brown sauce were tasteless and bland, really cold mashed potato was a turn off down, perhaps the only decent thing was the salad. Because of hunger, I finished off half of this meal, thank god drink conquered my hunger, but definitely not worth paying RM33.40. What ever for? You tell me please? 

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  1. Yum. Everything looks so good and tasty.

  2. Well, atleast the drink was good! Good pictures as always!

  3. It is a shame only the drink lived up to price and expectations!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. did not have a great day....

  5. I love snacking! Too bad the taste wasn't as good as expected.......

  6. The food looks yummy and scrumptious.. seems like a nice place for food :)


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