Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nasi Ulam (Steamed Rice With Asian Herbs)

Nasi Ulam. Herbs Rice. Basically. Of course our local Malaysian herbs. I for once don't believe in taking out my money for over the sea herbs. What ever for? Nothing like our local herbs (Curry Leaf Cashew Nut Rice) that grows lusciously even without any tender, loving, care. They just grow, indeed.  If you are a Malaysian (Nyonya Fish Achar & Pucuk Kacang Goreng Cili), your tiny plot of sand land should be where you can grow them, or how about growing in pots? Simply as that, but remember, gardening means you got to, every now and then keep an eye on what's going on. You need watch your herbs, but I doubt fertilising is needed. Subsequently, when herbs start growing, prune them and use them for this Nasi Ulam (Nasi Pudina/Mint). Pretty much any local herbs will do, otherwise just replicate my version. Simple as that. Nasi or rice (Ghee Rice & Salmon Pulao Rice) is always sunshiny for Malaysians like me, thus I strongly believe that this Nasi Ulam will be totally hailed. Lovable and a wholesome meal, you can, sure, elevated Nasi Ulam further far alongside various other dishes (Prawn Mango Curry, French Beans Tofu, Grilled Salmon, Mutton Parathal & Petai Dried Prawns). Literally anything, salads and what not (Thai Papaya Salad & Carrot Cucumber Salad), if you don't want pair it with sambal belacan (Ikan Masak Belacan) which is of course power rocking packed, you do have options to your own choices of  spicy dishes (Spicy Chick Pea, Egg Vindaloo, Ayam Masak Merah, Indian Fish Curry, Assam Fish Curry, Chicken Curry, Thai Massaman Curry & Thai Style Fried Chicken). Steamed rice, fried sardine flakes, pegaga/pennywort, kacang botol/winged beans, bunga kantan/ginger torch bud, daun kunyit/turmeric leaf, basil leaves, spring onion, shallots and salt. Forget not our famed Malaysian sambal belacan. 

3 cups steamed white rice
3 sardine/mackerel fish - rub some salt, fry and flaked up, ensure that bones are totally discarded. 

One handful of pegaga/Indian pennywort
3-4 kacang botol (winged beans)
1 lemongrass
1 bunga kantan/ginger torch bud
1 daun kunyit/turmeric leaf
One handful of Thai basil leaves
2-3 sprigs spring onion
4 shallots
Salt (if needed)
** All shredded/sliced thinly   

Add all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
Season with salt (if needed).
Toss together and serve with sambal belacan

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  1. YUM!!! This sounds like such a fragrant and delicious dish - and so wonderful that most of the herbs came from your garden!

  2. i also love to cook with herbs, this is one flavorful herb rice dish.

  3. i just loved all the herbs used... yummy flavorful dish......looks very inviting...

  4. Ive never seen varieties in herbs so much in India!! Gud u grow them in ur own garden and that must be giving u ultimate pleasure while cooking as well :)

  5. I did your pictures on FB. Quite a collection there and I like the fact that you use a lot of herbs mixed together. The dishes must be so fragrant! This one looks YUM!

  6. Planting herbs and plucking them is such a good feeling, I can understand as my mum has planted corriander , mint, curry leaves a d some other herbs in out garden
    The dish looks yummy, love rice
    Keep in touch

  7. Wow so many herbs.. That too from ur garden... It's amazing.. In India used to grow many plants, here not really... Can feel the flavor of rice... Btw, if you gave provided tamil name fir the plants, would be more helpful...

  8. Dish looks very delicious, flavorful and healthy too :)

  9. Flavorful rice. yummy nd delicious...

  10. wow, you still pound your chilli! Seldom see people doing it this way. =)

  11. looks yummy. i love rice :D

  12. I LOVE growing my own herbs too. That way I don't have to worry about going to the shops everyday and as you mentioned, it's a different experience when you flavour food with herbs from your own garden.
    I am sure the dish tastes amazing because it is packed with fresh and herby-flavours. Looks lovely too!

  13. I want that rice so bad, such a flavorful rice dish ,I love all the herbs from your garden !

  14. I am just loving it very nice.. well played with spices.. and flavourful. liked the presentation and the pix. A different blog altogether to read and experience.... do try to visit my place when time permits love to have your feedback dear.following u glad if u follow me back.. Have a good day.. Happy Blogging
    If u could do join at my events

  15. This looks super delicious and healthy ;)
    Following you via G+
    Add me back to stay in touch :)

  16. gardening can be tiring but also can be rewarding

  17. The dish is new to me, but it looks quite flavourful :) Lovely click too :)

  18. Ther herbs mix in rice sound healthy and tasty


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