Friday, June 20, 2014

Bengali Begun Bhaja

Frying and crispiness and all things mouth nice by immediately tucking into whichever fried dish for the matter. Tell me about it? Fried stuffs. Oh-my! Definitely like an immediate pop up in our mouth and Bengali Begun Bhaja, which is sliced brinjal slices (Baingan Bharta, Japanese Eggplant SauteEggplant Tikka Masala & Brinjal Stir Fry) coated or dipped in a masala batter and fried should not at all be discounted. Deliciousness mind you. In fact utter delicious crispiness and soft melt inside and the marvelous aroma of spices. Obviously, as the name of this fried brinjal has indicated, Bengali Begun Bhaja is part and parcel of Bengali cuisine I quite know it as well (Bengali Fish Curry). Plus, I must quote other recipes too (Sukhi Aloo SabziPunjabi Sabut Moong Dal, Aam ki Achaar, Tamatar ki Chutney, Shahi Gobi & Tari Wale Aloo). Therefore? God! I don't know when else to say except please tuck into Bengali Begun Bhaja (Cauliflower Fritters & Kurkuri Bhindi). 

1 medium size Chinese brinjal - slice thinly
Oil for frying

Spicy flour mixture
2 tbsp chickpea flour
1/2 tbsp rice flour
1/2 tsp ginger paste
1/2 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp shallot/onion paste
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp fennel powder
1 tsp cumin powder
2 stalks coriander leaves -slice/shred/chop
Salt for taste
Add all ingredients for flour mixture in a bowl/container.
Pour water bit by bit, mix/stir till it becomes a runny batter.
Dip brinjal one by one and deep fry.
Drain and serve instantly (yep, fried stuffs must be eaten asap) within time)


  1. Im not a big fan of brinjal, bt this masala brinjal looks delicious....

  2. Yummy brinjal recipe very innovative, I'll try with Indian version :)

  3. wow perfect snack in this weather!!!

  4. This is such a flavorful dish! Looks so yum!

  5. My mum make pakora of a lot of things but never brinjal
    Will try it fur sure in rainy season as I love to eat pakora with tea in rains
    I am inviting you to enter my 50 euro Divissima giveaway
    Keep in touch

  6. I am not a huge brinjal.. bt vow u tempted me.. hehe.. Thanks fr sharing the recipe :)

  7. looks yummy! will try it out for sure, nice clicks

  8. These sound so good, love the size of them too.

  9. Ohh brinjal is my favorite masala coated is absolutely delicious we make something similar and call it bajji.

  10. Wonderful masala mix there, Nava. My younger son is home now and I often make this for him. Love your combination and your dish looks delicious!

  11. My mother used to make something like this earlier but it was a simple batter, not as flavourful as this one. These look so delicious...I can go on eating them.

  12. We love fried brinjal & this looks very yummy..

  13. Hi Nava, wow, love this fried masala brinjals. I can eat it on its own as snack or during tea time. Yummy and addictive! Enjoy your weekend and regards :)

  14. I can have a couple of in one go... those look lovely


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