Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eastern & Oriental Hotel - Premium Suite, Penang

Quite an action packed, full of activity previous day (Ixora HotelFlamingo HotelAyer Hitam Asam Laksa & Kek Lok Si Temple), next day after lunching in Karaikudi Restaurant, family decided to part. In fact, all of them returned to Kuala Lumpur, whereas, we decided to extend our stay in Penang. Huh-huh! Joy to my travel venture, my other half-half literally couldn't say no when I slyly insisted that we stayed on. He also I think was trapped in our marriage love trap because he gave in, again, to our stay in Eastern & Oriental Hotel. Joy on this day, I have always wanted to experience a stay in this, one of the best among the rest, well known and back then to those years hotel (Rasa Sayang Hotel). No booking whatsoever, at an ad-hoc basis, we tried our luck. We were actually only keen in a normal room, but since, we could get none, we agreed for the premium suite. Premium suite? Yes, believe me. So excited I was, not always, akin lottery stuck, of course, with my other half-half's hard earned money, while he sorted out payment and our particulars, we were served the punchy, fruity and extremely delicious juice. Wow! Honestly, the first quench into this juice was proven. I made sure I finished off every drop, thereafter, we were ushered to our suite by the butler.  
Marvelous. Jaw dropping marvelous suite. Hall, guest wash room right after the entrance, bedroom stylishly and rustically furnished, huge feather, fluffy, thick bed, above all, his and her bathroom, long bath taking centre stage in the akin a room size bathroom, and oh my goodness, suite overlooking Straits of Malacca. Beautiful awe view. My-my, what more can I ask for, oh, also, fruit basket, chocolates, you name the drinks, you get it, and butler at your all time service.   

Luxury does not walk towards my way always, but when it does, I better get the best out of it. Other half-half hopped into bed within the next half an hour, whereas I decided to check out more of Eastern & Oriental hotel. Right from the reception area, all the way throughout the whole hotel. I made it a point in noting who were the well known, world recognized figures and celebrities, who have stepped foot in E & O. The known, and not known to me, some still alive and kicking, whereas the rest have departed to heaven. Thereafter, I walked to the outside compound, across the sea and once I was satisfied, I returned to my suite. Five star. Five star for everything, worth every single dollar, E & O is just so spectacular.

Next - breakfast in Eastern & Oriental Hotel

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