Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eastern & Oriental Hotel - Georgetown, Penang (Buffet Breakfast)

I definitely looked forward to breakfast in Eastern & Oriental Hotel. I did. I wanted to find out if buffet is gonna be worth, mind you, our premium suite did not come cheap. So, logically, for the price we paid, of course buffet is already billed, next morning (Deluxcious Spa & Red Garden Food Paradise), at about 9.15, after a lazy hop out of bed and showering, we walked into the dining area. Lovely! Akin we have walked into a classic, those days Chinese coffee shop, we decided to sit outside, across the sea. Nice view. Beautiful spot on view for gazing at, while tucking into breakfast. Coffee came cruising soon, we then, I mean what else is there but to opt for our choices between the spread of local and western dishes. Salad, fresh juice, toast, dips, noodles, nasi lemak and the rest.

For us, quite a sad thing actually with breakfast. We are small eaters and to start the day with lots of food is impossible. Back home, breakfast is hardly included except for a hot beverage. Then again, it will be such a waste if we didn't help ourselves to breakfast in Eastern & Oriental Hotel (Spice Market Cafe, Rasa Sayang Hotel).  Other half  opted for scrambled eggs, potato hash, baked beans and surprisingly, he included the grilled lamb.

I on the other hand, decided to give a go to some meat and seafood, also, a little of the savory Malaysian fare and desserts.   

Not bad. We especially love this food joy because of the mesmerizing sea view, food too fared quite right, excellent and attentive service, all in all, an experience to be cherished forever.

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  1. Such a big buffet for breakfast !
    Keep in touch

  2. More from E&O? Wow, the interior looks oriental too!

  3. Nice breakfast buffet...after all this, I think I would skip lunch...
    Enjoy your week Nava :D

  4. All this looks sooo yummy! What a grand spread!
    Followed you both via G+ and GFC!
    Do add me back via both :)

  5. This is a feast fit for a king. I love to have big breakfasts and I know I would have had a tough time deciding if there was so much on the menu. Fabulous post Nava!

  6. That is a sumptuous breakfast I would love to eat any day.

  7. last round we went penang wanted to try out their buffet but they were fully book. Means good food there

  8. This place looks lovely and well organized .. great piece of information.. Thanks fr sharing :)


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