Saturday, June 7, 2014

Deluxcious Spa - Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (Penang)

Within an hour, over excitement and jumping on the bed in Premium Suite Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang slowly fizzled off. I was getting restless whereas my other half was trying to catch up on his sleep. To stop me from needling him, he suggested that I should do a spa. Why not I thought since he is paying and I can continue with more luxury which doesn't come always. At E & O Hotel there's no spa but can be arranged. Highly recommended is Deluxcious spa, in fact, I think the one and only, yes, hotel will make the arrangement for you. Screen the spa menu in your room, let the hotel know which is your choice, the rest will be cared for. I opted for the highest and most expensive "Mediterranean Spa Journey" because I really wanted my time to a luxurious pampering session. 

Transport arrived, included in the package, I was chauffeur driven to Deluxcious Spa by an Indian young lady. Getting down, I made my way to the first floor spa. Impressive. Really. Cozy, rustic deco, wooden flooring and partitions, nice flowing curtains and locker to keep my things, I sat at the sofa across the reception while sipping the herbal tea, prior to being ushered to the treatment room by the foreign masseur.

Starting me off joyously, after I changed into none else, except a towel, my feet was soaked, washed and wiped dry, I then laid on the bed in this equally beautifully set up treatment room. Thereafter, I think, I am actually really positive that disaster struck. Massage straightaway? What? Massage even before scrub, mask, herbal bath, steam bath and facial? Are you kidding me. Kidding this lady who have experienced many a times spa treatments (Jentayu SpaChakras CentreChi Spa Penang & Tanjung Wellness Spa Malacca)? Nonsense. I wouldn't keep quiet. I questioned the masseur, but she insisted that, massage is their way beforehand for a spa treatment. Anyway, seriously, I didn't want to waste my time trying to justify which is which, she too was not keen in hearing me out, she, seemingly akin a robot was only interested in getting her job done. No emotion, reaction, to tell you the truth, massage wasn't anything worth mentioning. not even a single nice word. Bottom line, nothing great. Just so ordinary, though masseur knew what is to be done. Worthless an hour, as if I am bitten by tiny ants, instead of deep strokes and kneads for getting rid of my stress and body ache.   
Massage was followed by body polish and mask, thereafter facial, I was left alone for twenty minutes once she applied mask on my face.  Returning back again once time was up, my face was cleansed, I was told to shower, before the herbal bath. At this juncture, I fumed. How not to? No shower cap, I couldn't possibly ask for it because masseur had hurriedly left. What other choice was there, after showering, I got into the jacuzzi for the supposedly herbal bath. Don't know what is this whole thing about herbal bath, seemingly I felt as though its just warm water gushing against my body for 15 minutes, subsequently, I wiped myself and waited. Waited. Waited for at least 10 minutes.

Masseur returned and told me that spa is over. Over? What about my steam bath? I knew she had forgotten, but, oh-hell-hack, I was just too tired to speak anymore. Such a mess. I got dressed, prior to walking to the reception area. I then demanded to see the manager because this pampering session by far, sadly and unfortunately, instead of giving me the feel good factor, I actually ended up being really angry. I am to pay RM680.00.  Really? I should pay? Utter rubbish and trash spa treatment.
Lady manager came by, once I spoke my mind, I was told to pay half the price. By right, I shouldn't even have paid, but never mind, I don't believe in short changing people, I paid. Of course apology was thrown in, over and over, again and again, which didn't make any difference, mind you. On the way back to the hotel, the person who drove me wanted my feedback, as much as I tried to keep my mouth shut, I couldn't. He offered a free dinner but I refused. What for? Deluxcious Spa went down on my spa book as another bad memory, just like the previous Tanjung Wellness Spa.  

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  1. Going by the pictures I thought you'd go on to describe that the treatment was great. What a shame...and how disappointing that must have been!

  2. Would you recommend me to go to a spa while being in KL. Do you have a suggestion?


  3. awesome! seems like you had a great experience.

  4. Oh dear, that's such a bad experience! I was initially impressed to think the spa actually provided pick-up service from your hotel.

  5. What a lovely environment ....a must for having spa :)

  6. Ohh my m sorry to know u had a bad experience.. pathetic service I fathom from what u wrote in the post!


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