Monday, April 21, 2014

Withlocals - Home Dining

I am not sure if you guys have heard of home dining? You know what I am talking about? Does it ring the loudest bell on your food dining palate?  Most probably, I bet, I strongly believe that some, or maybe all of you are aware of home dining. I too am someone who keep abreast on what goes on at the forefront of our “food is the biggest pleasure” edge. Of course, seemingly, the automatic action reaction to dining out is heading to high end restaurants, nothing should also stop us from eating at the streets. Of course. After all, good food can come from literally anywhere, which by and large is our Malaysian way to a meal. Then again, with this currently trending loudly home dining concept, right now ladies and gentlemen, yes, now, allow me to introduce to you “Withlocals”. Withlocals? Indeed everyone. 

The great people of Withlocals have cleverly put together this home dining concept at the touch of the alphabets on your keypad. Bringing together foodies who open up their homes by welcoming and serving you a splendor array of dishes, simply said by Withlocals as "The peer-to-peer marketplace where local people offer experiences and their skills to travelers. Our Mission is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences". Rather easy, preasy and uncomplicated food tandem actually, all you got to do is opt between the endless, wide and vast choices of cuisines, make and confirm your booking,  pay and you are done. See, I told you, your home dining can be done in a jiffy on Withlocals?   

For my dining experience, thank you “Withlocals”, I opted for Nyonya cuisine by Chef Eric Kong. Prior arrangements confirmed with Chef, as well as with my food companions, we did encounter some hiccups in locating Chef’s place. That by far took some time, eventually upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed and ushered to the dining area. After a small section of getting to know each other, by then, dishes have cruised to the table, simultaneously at one go. one after the other, we also had the honour for meeting and dining with Chef Ricky, who is one of the reckoned, well known Nyonya cuisine guru. Dinner opened up with the ever popular, “Pie Tee”, an appetizer or finger food which apparently is akin a must for a full course Nyonya meal. Thin crispy fried pastry cups filled alongside fresh salad leaves, and mushy julienne sengkuang/jicama stir fried with mushroom, carrot and I think prawns, atop with a dollop of sambal/homemade spicy chilli dip, Pie Tee, aka Top Hats was an absolute lovely crunch and munch. Later, slowly and surely, we tucked into the rest of the dishes, for a Malaysian Nyonya meal like this one, eaten  with rice.  


Kerabu Bendi/Okra Salad. Thinly sliced, blanched okra tossed in a chilli sambal, made with fresh chillies, dried prawns, shallots and belacan/fermented shrimp paste. 
Ayam Pongteh. Tender, succulent bite size chicken, black mushroom and potato pieces soaking in a taufu/fermented soy paste gravy.
Dry Style Assam Prawns. Tangy and mildly spicy medium size juicy and crispy skin prawns. 
Old Cucumber Soup. Soft at the first bite cucumber slices and some carrot pieces in a rather plain, simple broth.
Steamed Fish Nyonya Style. A sizeable steamed fish, seated in tadbit of sour, spicy ans salty sauce, atop with fresh coriander leaves and red chilli strips. 
Pandan Agar-Agar/Jelly and Pandan Steamed Glutinous Rice Kaya were our sweet ending. Honestly, these two desserts potentially will be a perfect fit for those who have to watch their sugar level, we on the other hand would have appreciated another, maybe extra dozes of  sweetness.

Washed down with Ice Honey Lemon while tucking into all of these lovingly cooked and deliciously heightened dishes, after our memorable group photo, we left for home with a satisfied tummy and heart.
Will I do this home dining again? Maybe yes, maybe no, I am not absolutely certain at this juncture, still, it was one hack of a first time wondrous experience. How about you? Home style meals of course, we all will agree  is the best, and with “Withlocals”, you won’t be disappointed. 

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  1. O my Gosh Nava the meal looks so fantastic; fabulous home dining ; i am fascinated with the lovely presentation and the amazing colors coming out of the meal; hope you really enjoyed a lot.. you all are looking nice.. thanks for sharing dear

  2. Love the desserts and stuffed cup.super post nava

  3. I've heard of this interesting concept but have yet to try it. I'm sure it was an awesome experience!

  4. Wow, connect with people through food :)
    So much food , yummy
    Keep in touch

  5. so much options n they look colorful .I too need some spice in evrything unless its a dessert :)

  6. Nava, what a fantastic & beautiful spread. I have read about this concept in the bigger cities here. So glad to read your post!

  7. What fun! The food looks splendid...I would love to sample each dish. They are all new to me :D

  8. Mmm so much to try, and so much time luckily :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Very colorful recipes... Had great time?? Yummy dessert

  10. Think like you had an awesome time.

  11. the food ,pics evrything comes out soo ur presentation..
    yummy desert too

    my recent one :Mac Cream Colour Base Improper Copper !!!

  12. Everything looks so good, and yes I would love to sample each dish too, I'm glad that you'll had a great time :)

  13. The food looks delicious. I think this is quite similar to, which is also a peer-to-peer site which provides unique dining experiences. I have had an amazing getaway to a village over some farm activities and local meal.
    Gonna try WithLocals now!