Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taj Garden - Jalan Tun Sambanthan (Brickfields)

Oh my my! What a joy. Believe me, I actually got invited by Taj Garden. I must jump to joy right? You think I should? Look, I am one of the newest food freebies in the blogging world, and when an email invitation pops up, anyone like me, in the right frame of mind, must feel jolly good. Gonna be my first ever invited dining experience, honestly, to tell you the truth, I didn't know how to go about it. Silly me. You can't blame me. Albeit I did test my love water, my other half-half had already hinted that he is not keen in accompanying me. What am I suppose to do then?  Hit the roof by getting into a major big league argument or wrestle him out? No point. Thankfully, on the other bright side, my two Chinese friends agreed, thanks again to them for providing free transport.

Getting to Brickfields was not a big or biggest deal. I was a Brickfields girl. Was. Back then when I was an up and coming up girl, time indeed had flew by, once we passed by the main road across the police station, memories did ring loudest. How can I possibly forget or forgive my neighbours? Those busybodies, mostly Indian neighbours in Lorong Chan Ah Thong and Jalan Rozario, also, the burger stall across the roundabout, the long gone Anthonian Book Store and mutton shop on the other side, further up from Gajan Shell Station. Brickfields definitely is not the same anymore, though some landmarks are still standing tall, at the traffic light before KFC, we turned left and parked at the open air car park. Just beside Taj Garden, after paying RM4.00, yep, you got to pay for parking, we walked up to the first floor Taj Garden.    
Introducing myself to Deepan, he in return pleasantly and genuinely greeted us, we had the option for sitting where ever in this splendid ambiance. Traditional as well modern, rustic and wide dining area, ample space to walk in and out, between the tables and chairs. We decided to sit inside, across the kitchen, instead of at the outside garden setting.     

Menu popped up, once we glimpsed, stared and studied it, honestly, we still couldn't decide. Spilling over list of items, indeed, aplenty choices, the easy way out I figured out later was sticking to the manager's recommendation. Nevertheless, we call the shots for drinks.   
Within a couple of minutes, lets say 5 minutes, drinks arrived. Stylishly, splendidly and impressively presented.
Colorful, vibrant and soothing to our senses, once I sipped into “Garden Lover”(with apple), I went speechless. Heavenly, akin heaven came calling too fast, its a bountiful bouncing drink. Similarly, "Cuban Moji”(with lemon) and the other, sorry guys, I didn't note down the name, both of these drinks I believe made my friends trigger happy as well.  Thereafter, what else, but pleasuring into the array of dishes. Crab soup made with fresh crab meat, spices and scented with coriander leaves was a light start for our dinner. One spoonful was good enough to affirm its taste, by the look of it itself, we knew, our instincts didn't let us down. Soup was likened instantly.
Vegetable Briyani we tucked into next was absolutely spot on. Vibrant orangey fluffy grainy rice, interplay of various veggies, spices and herbs, ohlalala! Utterly couldn't be faulted. Absolutely loved.
The other vegetarian dish was Vegetable Curry. I can't exactly nail which vegetables were underneath this thick tantalising curry, but one thing was certain. A lip smacker, rather spicy, in fact, my two friends couldn't possibly withstand its bags of spiciness, yet, aha, they continued drenching vegetable curry over vegetable briyani, prior to tucking in.
Next was Mutton Shish Kebab. Once again, an assortment of spices which did major justice to minced mutton, grilled and served over a bed of sliced salad leaves, cucumber slices and a big tomato taking center stage. Accompanied alongside yogurt dip and mint dip, pretty much a decent dish, Mutton Shish Kebab however didn't really win us over.
"Chicken Cheesy Quesadillas" we nibbled thereafter, soft flour tortilla filled with minced chicken and cheese, paired with fries, salad and a mild spicy sauce should be hailed. Simple, lean and clean flavours, melding well as a complete wholesome dish.
Subsequently, after a small time private discussion, we agreed that we should give a go to "Mutton Varuval". Yum. Hundreds of dangs, our favourite, awesome diviners. Tender bite size mutton pieces, perfected with spices and herbs, despite its fieriness, we finished up the whole portion.
Just as we thought we had enough of eating, "Turaco Lunch Set" was served, I was also told that desserts will be arriving soon.    
Consisting of three types of flavoured rice, chappati, palak paneer, vegetable curry, fried gobi and papadam, Turaco Lunch Set was a major struggle for us. Not because of anything else, we just couldn't eat anymore. Stomach over stuffed, I did nibble into the tasty spinach palak and crispy fried cauli. 
Finally, the moment to our sweet treat. Mango Kulfi and Caramelized Bananas with Ice-cream. Super smooth, creamy and luscious, worth ditching your diet for these sweet pleasures, if I am to pick one, yes please, Mango Kulfi captured my food senses.  

On all counts, Taj Garden is a winner. Captivating and delicious food, pleasant customer service, beautiful ambiance and I strongly believe that you can afford a meal in Taj Garden.

Thank you Taj Garden
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  1. Mmm........ I thought the crab soup looks rather appealing. Seems I'm the first to arrive at your post today :)

  2. I envy you Nava! All dishes are like Indian esp crab soup & mutton varuval, my favs! I feel like have it right now. Thanks for sharing all these info

  3. Hi Nava, thanks for sharing. This place look really nice and the food is extremely awesome. I guess I need extra rice and the drink looks so refreshing.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  4. That looks like a scrumptious spread.. Loved the mutton and crab soup..

  5. Wonderful clicks... Mouthwatering dishes

  6. wau...gorgeous drink..............U have given a great description .....and all the food items r so amazing.....

  7. wow...everything looks so good..nice clicks

    my recent one :

  8. I just got tempted with the desserts and biriyani ...

  9. Place looks comfy. Will take my in-laws there. Thanks ya Nava

  10. Looks like an amazing place.. great to know that you had fun..

  11. The food looks very delicious. Ages i had a good biryani and seekh kabab. Thnx for sharing ur experiece☺️

  12. such a wonderful review and post Navaneetham...we got hooked to those zingy sips you have is scorching here and those looked like heaven....and got awed with all those delicacies especially fresh crab meat soup and kulfi with caramelized bananas...awesome,thanks for sharing :-)

  13. The food looked so yummy it just made me hungry.. lovely post n pics:)

  14. All I can say is that I have no clue now where to go in Malaysia to eat as I already have a huge list (thanks to you) of wonderful places. I want to eat all those dishes. Really.

  15. Briyani looks yummy, Looks like a nice restaurant.

  16. Lovely pics and what an ambiance! Making me want to visit the place... :)


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