Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chicken & Sambal Sandwich

Honestly, how far out can we Malaysians run from sambal? Not very far, not for our daily meals. Sambal (Sambal Serai Ikan Bilis) made with chillies, of course alongside other pantry friendly ingredients, can be simply made, eaten just like that, raw by itself as a condiment with rice (Sambal Belacan Bawang Merah). Or sambal is the base for other dishes (Chilli Lala, Chilli Mutton, Ikan Masak Cili Belacan & Chilli Lemongrass Prawns), basically, its chillies (Chocolate Chilli Cookies, or chilli powder for the must have, taste of spiciness (Spicy Tuna Potato, Indian Chicken Stew, & Masala Raisin Chicken). Today, I am showcasing sambal in a sandwich. Yes, I am, presumably already trended in Malaysia, sambal actually is the substitute for chilli sauce which we Malaysian spread/lather/tip into sandwich, in fact literally a must, prior to biting in. Let me now move on to the recipe now. Grilled home made chicken patties (Chilli Chicken & Ayam Masam Manis), scented with spring onion and coriander leaves. See, even my burger style is unique, I like to keep it that way because I like my recipes to be a stand out. Grilled patties decked in toasted bread  (Asian Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich & Basil Dried Prawn Sandwich) alongside cheese slices and atop with a spicy, mildly tangy sambal. Filling by itself, how about pairing it with Rosemary Cheesy Potatoes or Watermelon Mint Salad?
Ingredients (for one person)
For the sambal/chilli gravy
1 tbsp (or as needed) dried chilli paste (blended dried red chillies)
1 large onion - cut into rings
1 tomato -- chopped
2 tbsp oil
Vinegar for taste
Sugar for taste
Salt for taste

For the chicken patties
500g minced chicken
2 sprigs coriander leaves - chopped/shredded
2 sprigs spring onions - chopped/shredded
1 tbsp breadcrumbs
Salt for  taste

To assemble
3 slices of bread- toasted/grilled (with or without crust)
2 slices of cheese

For the sambal/chilli gravy
Heat oil and sauté onion.
Add chilli paste and tomato.
Fry till oil splits.
Season with vinegar, sugar and salt.
Remove and keep aside

For the chicken patties
Mix all the ingredients together.
Split the portion into two.
Shape and pat into flat patties.
Grill in a portable stove top grill with some oil, to for a crispy outer layer, on both sides, ensure that patties are cooked inside as well. 
Remove once done.

To assemble:
Deck up - toasted bread alongside patties, sambal and cheese.
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  1. it feels really nice when others try ur recipe and drop in with a word of appreciation!! you can create a tab for the tried and tested so that it's there... this sandwich looks so delicious as well... the first pic is just too good...

  2. your recipes are genuine no doubt...sandwich looks delicious

  3. That sandwich looks terrific! What a great idea. I bet it tastes mighty scrumptious.... :)

  4. love the layer sandwich, looks so tempting.

  5. Chicken & sambal sandwich looks so yummy and inviting..

  6. Me being a pure vegetarian, can't try this one!! ;)


  7. Hey Nava how are you feeling now?
    The sandwich looks great. I love this combo. I will try this sometime soon

  8. When the viewers send their picture,its feels really great for sure .Double decker sandwich looks wonderful ..

  9. I enjoy ur entire stuff..........This sandwich is really tempting me......Soo lovely n beautiful :)

  10. wow makes a perfect meal and healthy one as well

  11. yummy preparation....tempting !!!!

  12. The sandwich looks delicious! What a great feeling it must be when readers replicate your recipes and tell you about it. All the dishes look very appealing.

  13. i am in love with every meal you share; the recipe presentation is so outclass.. wonderful collection :) mouthwatering dear

  14. oh thats interesting! a lot of sandwiches to try! I recently tried out French Onion 'Soup' sandwich

  15. Innovation......I had Sambal with Nasi Lemak. But, in sandwich......Tempted to try.

  16. I was salivating looking at it.,. yum yum

  17. I want this sandwich, it looks full of flavour, as opposed to some dry one!

    Choc Chip Uru

  18. Food should be such that others are tempted to make it in their homes which is the case with your recipes.They are simple and look extremely appetising. The flavours in this sandwich are unique...wish I could make it tomorrow.

  19. It really feels freat when people try our recipes, and share their inputs and pics... I can imagine your happy feeling :)


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