Saturday, March 29, 2014

Strip Juice Cold Pressed Juices

My ideal morning should be: wake up and juice it up for a fresh start for the day. How I wish it will be possible. The irony is that from the time I'm up from bed, I only have enough time for a shower, dress up, hop into my car and drive to work. I suppose its what we call "life in a rush" because of time factor and let's not forget about traffic jam: a common phenomena in cities, also in other parts of the world. 

I was contacted and when I heard about Strip Juice
I went like: "oh what a glory". The bottles of juices were delivered and I couldn't wait. At once, I drank the small bottle of pomegranate juice and
upon reaching home, another bottle.

The juice was so refreshing and awesomely pure. Well, that's the goodness of cold pressed juices from Strip Juice.  
And after 1 hour or so, it was a natural "de-tox", all flushed out immediately. The next day, my colleagues had the honour of sampling the orange and grapefruit juices.
I can't tell you why but almost everyone preferred the grapefruit juice.
They loved it; again for the freshness and pureness. They still enjoyed the orange juice and similarly, the same feedback and reactions.
On that day, I too started with a glass of juice and of course, its also nice to came back home and quench your thirst with the juices; kept chilled in the fridge. While I prefer to start my day with the cold pressed juice(s), you can drink them any time because of the nutrients and benefits.
I do own a juicer but as said earlier, time is so tight in the morning and when I came back home after work, I just don't have the mood to bring it out, cut the fruits, juice them and washing the juicer is another tedious thing to do.
So, Strip Juice juices are there for me. To experience the juices, here's the details:

Contact Nicole at Strip Juice Facebook Page.
Mention and yes, a 10% discount for the juices.
Free delivery (see above)
Further details are available at Strip Juice website.

I assure you that you will simply love the taste and flavors of the juices. Do spread the word around so that your friends do not miss out too. 


  1. Yummy cold pressed juice. Wish i get a bottle to taste it.

  2. Me too life a rush...
    I just grab an apple and I eat in the office....

  3. Juice looks refreshing and good review...

  4. Amazing write-up. Where would we find this juice. Is it delivered?
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following me :)

  5. Oh my, I love fresh juices! Wish I could have them delivered to my doorstep too! xoxo

  6. The juice does look inviting.Ideal mornings are no more attainable with busy schedule,I guess one has to always look for substitutes.

  7. refreshing juices....nice write very well

  8. Nothing better morning healthy booster rather than fresh juice.....
    looks refreshing!!!

  9. I would love to have all these juices chilling in m fridge during summer :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Nice review, the juice looks refreshing.

  11. sounds good. got delivery service. I like it

  12. looks yummy...mmm..
    great review navi <3

    my recent one :

  13. Wish I can get these here, they look good.

  14. Thanks for the helpful review..

  15. I'm after the colours...they look gorgeous in those bottles! It's true that juicing can be tedious if it's an everyday ritual.

  16. wow nice review Nava :) in fact same here as my condition after coming back from office i am hardly able to drink a glass of water lolx.. so tired n exhausted .. thanks for sharing the wonderful fruit juices :) i can imagine how much you enjoyed the juices .. love ya :*

  17. Hi Nava, very refreshing juice. Thanks for sharing this excellent posting. Well done !

    Best regards.