Monday, March 10, 2014

Tomato Rice Pilaf

Rice and rice, and more rice please. I am not complaining, neither will I ever. Rice! Oh-god, without rice I have no food life. I basically love rice. In fact, I am an avid and number one rice lover which I think by far says it all about me the typical Malaysian. Albeit I stay away from rice in the morning (Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang). Of course every now and then I let go, and when its lunch next, not rice again or maybe I skip lunch because a rice meal by itself is filling for keeping your hunger throne in place for half a day or even 3/4 a day. Moreover, speak about those utterly wholesome rice dishes (Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani, Vegetable Briyani, Cantonese Fried Rice & Malaysian Fried Rice). Regardless, we also have the rice dishes which are just one higher step to plain rice. The ones we tuck into alongside a main dish and other side dishes (Mint RiceCurry Leaves Rice, Turmeric RiceCoriander Rice & Cumin Rice). How about Tomato Rice Pilaf, are you asking me (Rice Pilaf & Tomato Rice)? Well, it can be the next door to simplicity or across to the other side, far end compatibility (Dhal RiceGhee Rice). How do we go about making Tomato Rice Pilaf?  Of course, you need tomatoes, otherwise, I don't know what to say and this is also another one of my cooked in the rice cooker rice dish. Buttery, garlic and rosemary scented and tadbit of sweetness and sourness from tomato (Tomato Soup & Tomato Chutney). Tomato Rice Pilaf? Let there be an ultimate rice food joy!   

2 cups rice - rinse and drain off excess water
5 garlic - chopped
2 tomatoes - chopped
2-3 sprigs rosemary - pull/remove the leaves from stems and keep a little aside for garnishing
2 tbsp butter
Salt to taste (use sparingly if using salted butter)

Heat butter in a wok.
Quickly fry garlic till crispy.
Scoop out a little for garnishing. 
Tip the rest of this butter-garlic into the rice cooker.
Add tomatoes, rosemary, rice and salt.
Pour water (3 cups or as needed).
Stir and let it cook.
Once cooked, fluff up rice.
Garnish with fried garlic and rosemary leaves.


  1. I have been following the news.. sad to hear abt the story..
    i loved ur recipe.. need to look out for rosemary now.. lovely recipe.. thanks fr sharing dear
    Please have a look at my latest blog post too.. Thank u ♥♥

  2. love the rice with simple but flavorful ingredients, I am also following news and angry that they haven't found the plane yet so they can save someone.

  3. Love the rosemary flavor......... Tasty !!

  4. Same like you...I felt emotional. .down..unsettled. ..wondering ...

    Let's pray for their safe return and some amswers soon.

    Not much mood to do anything. Read my books also can't disgest properly.

  5. what an interesting 'fried rice'. I wonder how it would taste like. Have never tried using rosemary in.

  6. We hope it might return back...
    Btw Very tempting bowl of rice dear...

  7. Rice looks amazing! Beautiful colours! I have only used dried rosemary...would love to grow this herb. Maybe I'll get the seeds on my trip this week. I'll be going to Kashmir.

    We have been following the shocking news. What could have possibly happened and how long will the relatives have to wait for something concrete...It's a thought that keeps coming to our minds.

  8. Looks so nice dear ..very tasty and yummy flavor !!

  9. Its really shocking & very sad news..we can only pray....I simply loved this rice..looks too tempting..

  10. Amazing tomato rice......I was in search of a tomato rice recipe, which I'd on my hostel days....Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Simple, flavorful and delicious rice....

    Our prayers are with them...

  12. I have been following the news too, so sad .. My heart goes out for people on the plane and their families.
    About the recipe, I am trying to avoid rice these days but next time my mum makes tomato rice , I will suggest her your recipe
    Keep in touch

  13. I too stopped for a few days nava.My grandma passed away and didnt feel like blogging .Heard the sad news of plane disappearance,hoping to hear gud news soon on the other end.
    Simple flavourful rice looks so awesome .Giving some flavour to the regular rice gives more peace on a lazy day .

  14. This rice looks delicious! I cook tomato rice,but not with rosemary....
    Its a shocking story about missing MH370,even here we check updates each minute and I strongly feel they will come back safely!Our prayers are with them!
    Anyway,I sent an email.Please check that too.

  15. the news has shocked the whole world and even more because there is no clarity on the situation... whatever it is, let's pray that God gives the relatives of the ones in the tragedy the strength to take this shock... the rice looks delicious...

  16. Flavorful and delicious rice, looks very inviting!

  17. Love the combination of rosemary and tomato..great idea to use it in rice.

  18. Rosemary tomato rice looks full of flavours, and must have tasted awesome too :)

  19. Hugs Nava, may this miracle happen... My prayers and wishes...
    The rice indeed looks easy enough to try, something that I would love to whip up..

  20. rice looks wonderful and I have not used rosemary in cooking so far.. guess it gives a nice flavour to the rice.

  21. Seriously Nava...its such a sad occurence. We here are constantly keeping track of the news too...I think the entire world is! Hope there is good waiting at the end of this search.
    This is a beautiful dish made out of simple things. It looks worthy of a 5 star restaurant.

  22. Lamenyer x singgah blog ne.. Rindu nak bace..Hai... zai nak jemput masuk giveaway kalau ade mase & x keberatan..
    Giveaway Double Stemcell by Call me Zai!
    i really miss to read this blog...holla... still remember ZYASH??

  23. Never seen such dry grainy rice dish with tomato instead wet rice dish like risotto before,
    sounds a great idea my friend!!!
    i guess i;m gonna use my sun dried tomato for this....

  24. Hi Nava, yes, let's pray together for miracle to happen. I am also saddened and puzzled by this unexpected missing of MH370. Your rosemary tomato rice is very tempting and irresistible. Regards :)

  25. The mystery of MH370 is still unsolved days later. Like you, I remained glued for the first 3 days or so before realizing if they haven't found it now, they won't find it any time soon. Let's hope for good news.

    The rice looks incredibly fresh with tomatoes and rosemary in there. I can almost imagine taking off the lid of the rice cooker and getting a good whiff.

  26. A delicious looking dish, the tomato rice is so flavourful :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  27. Yes, we have been following the sad...
    This rice dish looks I am crazy for rice dishes, looks light and somehow refreshing.
    Have a great week Nava :D

  28. Same here too.. Just kept checking back if there is some news or miracle that will make many people happy..Rice looks yum & pics are bright & beautiful.

  29. yeah nava it was quite a sad news in fact it was very disturbing.. hope and lets pray to God for them.. that sand art is quite touchy .. oh God ..
    lovely and yummy recipe share.. i am sure it goes best with curry or yogurt :)

  30. Hi Nava, your rosemary rice look so inviting.Love the color. Well done!
    Le's hope for miracle that they can find the plane soon.

    Best regards.


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