Monday, February 3, 2014

Masala Raisin Chicken

Can you still recall my previous two chicken raisin recipes? In case you have forgotten, I am assuming you may have, maybe not, let me still mention the recipes again - chilli chicken with raisins & spicy chicken with raisins. Today, I bring you another chicken raisin dish, known as Masala Raisin Chicken (Indian Masala Chicken CurryCurried Potatoes & Chilli Mutton Potato). Obviously, cooked in masala or spices (Masala Tofu BeansMustard Green MasalaMango PickleCurried Mutton Bone Marrow &  Cauliflower Curry). Masala Raisin Chicken also showcases hints of a natural sweet burst that without a doubt complements masala spiciness. No worries foodies, let me assure you that you don't need a whole list of ingredients. Have a look at the ingredients listed below and you will quickly know what I mean. So true, basic ingredients for packing a punch, succulent chicken in a spicy-tangy, light burst of sweetness and absolutely aromatic curry leaf masala gravy (Indian Chicken StewChilli ChickenChicken Pongteh & Baked Tandoori Chicken). 

1/4 chicken (about 400g) - cut into bite sizes
1 1/2 tbsp (or as needed) plain chilli powder (add water and mix into a thick paste)
2 tbsp dried raisins
1/2 tbsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste
1/2 tbsp onion paste
1 tomato - chopped
Spices - 1 cinnamon, 1 star anise and 3 cloves
2-3 sprigs curry leaves
3 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Heat oil and saute spices with ginger paste, garlic paste and onion paste.
Add chilli paste, stir and cook over low heat till oils splits.
Put in chicken, tomato, curry leaves and raisins.
Season with salt.
Add a bit of water if needed to cook the chicken.
Continue to stir till everything comes together -
a thick gravy coated over the chicken pieces.
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  1. It looks spicy and yummy.. We vegetarians can try this recipe with paneer
    Keep in touch

  2. Chicken,my favorite but not able to take snaps for mine,si enjoying in my friends spaces.thanks for this virtual treat

  3. love the way masala coats to chicken, looks perfect with hot steamy rice.

  4. Clever use of raisins in the dish! I'm sure it's a teaser for the kids!

  5. That looks scrumptious!!! Such a simple recipe.. Yummm

  6. def a well go with simple sabhar rice....The very ingredients i use ,but u made it in a different way it ..

  7. Delicious Nava. You are right frying the masala is the key to good dish

  8. Yummy :P delicious; loving the masala and the curry dear :) very simple chicken curry easy to make :)

  9. Looks very tempting. will try this with paneer too

  10. I like the masala style of cooking

  11. I love the addition of raisins in my curries and a few rice dishes. Sweet salty flavours always do it for me. The chicken looks so amazing in this dish..mouth watering as usual.

  12. looks yum r u navi ??

    long time...
    my recent one :

  13. So simply made and beautifully presented. That's the way I love the use of raisins. I haven't used raisins with chicken for quite a while...will be doing that soon.:)

  14. Hi Nava, Wow, raisins with chicken!! This must be extremely yummy!!! How I love this dish!! Thanks for sharing, Nava and have great week ahead!

  15. Looks so flavorful,love all the spices, my favorite at local Indian, next time I have to make my own with this recipe ;)

  16. Loving the vibrant colour of this chicken curry. I have never tried raisins in a curry and I am eager to try it next time I stir up a curry.

  17. Raisin and biryani yes but with chicken,i am not sure how it will taste.

  18. I love the sweet twist to this chicken, it looks delicious :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. chicken with raisin is new to me, tempting masala, will try it!!!

  20. Looks delicious Nava...I somehow like the idea of sweet in savory dish, so this is perfect for my taste...yum!
    Have a great week :D

  21. This is unique recipe... Nvr heard of this... Will it be sweet chicken ??

  22. sweet and tangy in one... sounds really interesting...

  23. I have never added Raisin to chicken curry, will try it.

  24. Hi Nava, your masala chicken look so inviting. I'm sure it taste extremely good and minimum 2 plates of rice. :)) Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

  25. Awesomely delicious.... Must try...

  26. Looks absolutely delicious.. With raisins I can imagine how flavourful it is


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