Friday, February 21, 2014

Legend's Claypot Briyani House @ Puchong Jaya

Marketing and promotion segment on Indian radio channels, indeed, has vastly picked up. Besides the standard Tamil dramas and songs, Indian companies are now heavily promoting their products and services on the said Indian radio channels. Health boosters, skin care and hair tonics made with Himalaya herbs and flowers are the common advertisements, every now and then, colleges are also making their presence known, just recently, I have been hearing the loud blaring of Legend's Claypot Briyani House, over and over, a few times a day actually. Each time I hear how tasty Legend's Claypot Briyani is said to be, I simply can't hold my hunger back. Akin, I want to run out and immediately meal into those spoken about biryani. Brickfields outlet is way far from where I am, so, I gathered my family gang for lunching in their Puchong outlet (Bibiwok Nyonya Thai Restaurant, Bandar Puteri).

Upon parking across the restaurant, we actually couldn't identity Legend. From the outside, this corner lot air-conditioned eatery, honestly, wasn't as impressive as the advertisement. Likewise, once we managed to count down on it, their cramped up dining area, tables and chairs so close to each other, and hardly any space breather, sincerely, is not a conducive dining area for a quiet private meal. Privacy is compromised, and Indian customers, I tell you, they never change. I still until this day can't figure out why they have to stare once you want in. Pathetic. I guess this staring Indian culture will never die, no matter how far Indians have come, oh yes, I am an Indian as well for your information. I thought I might make myself clear, but you see, I can't be bothered about staring at another Indian. What for? For chairs and tables to fly? No way, I won't take any chance, in Legend's Claypot Briyani House, oh-my, speak about the types of customers. Better not say anything, otherwise, I will be in trouble. 
We sat, menu came by, we agreed upon a couple of dishes, had to be briyani ultimately. Mutton biryani, sotong/squid biryani, prawn beriyani and fish beriyani. Drinks of course, to each its own - orange juice, limau panas, ice limau and sky juice. 

Drinks arrived, we sipped in, but briyani was no where to be seen. At least 15 minutes of wait, my goodness, patience is not my virtue, we were getting hungry as well, after calling out twice, finally, the 4 types of biryani arrived. 
Orange juice
Ice Lime Juice 
Sky Juice
Hot Lime

Thereafter, once we lifted the covers of the claypots, we were lost. Which is which? We really couldn't figure out, and mind you, with different characters of family members, each one with his or her antics of being selective on what they eat, I had to the hero for digging into the claypots, Emerges the seafood and meat, between the grainy, yellow-orange hue rice cooked with spices, atop with a boiled egg, paired alongside a tiny serving of raita/yogurt salad, sambar/dhal curry and two papads.    
Squid/Sotong Briyani 
Mutton Briyani 
Fish Briyani 
Prawn Briyani 
All the same, not much of a difference in taste. Mutton Briyani seemingly was the winner. Chewable soft meat, prawns and sotong just so okay, whereas overcooked rubbery fish was the disaster. Nevertheless, briyani rice was delicious. Yum factor.  To end our meal, we later called for two masala tea, a plate of kesari and one jalebi. 
Masala Tea

Not bad. We loved the tea and sweet treats. Paying RM106.00 and after walking out of Legend's Claypot Briyani House, the main topic had to be if it was worth it? Meal for the 7 of us? 

16GF, Jalan Canuk
Prima Avenue 3
Bandar Puchong Jaya
(Next to BHP) 

The Legend's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Yummy the jalebi. ..
    Everything looks v delicious...mmmm
    Specially a plate of kesari. ..

    My recent one :

  2. Briyani House? My hubby will be delighted! Wow, they actually serve briyani in claypots!

  3. The place looks nice and lovely food.. :)
    Chk out my latest post dear...

  4. It's really irritating when people stare at you while eating!! Good that at least food was good :)

  5. Everything loos so delish..loved the claypot biryani

  6. That prawn biriyani and red kesari is calling meee..yummm

  7. I love a solid biryani dish, this place looks wonderful :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Looks like you have had good time in the restaurant, briyani looks superb.


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