Saturday, January 4, 2014

Malaqa Nyonya House (SS15, Subang Jaya) - Selangor

No plan what-so-ever, we actually didn't even have any clue where we were heading to. But definitely can't be very far within the familiar Subang Jaya ground (Hyotan Japanese Restaurant, Restoran Nirwana Maju & Big Hug Burger), or maybe, it all depends on how far we can walk or till we spot an eatery. As we walked, just like that, at this juncture, we arrived in front of Malaqa Nyonya House. Fortunately, akin a spot-on discovery because the three of us simply adore traditional Nyonya cuisine. Walking into this impressive ambiance, which indeed, resembled like the real deal Nyonya Malacca eateries (Where In Malacca), we sat, we flipped through the menu, but it took us a while in deciding what to call for. Each and every item really tempting, speak about the big, bold and cooked alongside Malaysian quintessential spices and herbs savory dishes and also, coconut milk and  palm sugar loaded and screwpine/pandan leaves scented sinful sweet treats please. Oh-yum, I was already salivating, finally, we opted for Nyonya Lemak Laksa (Nyonya Assam Laksa), Nasi Kerabu for my two friends and for our after meal sweet indulgence, Pulut Hitam/Black Glutinious Rice Durian (Bubur Kacang Hijau), Sago Gula Melaka (Rose Sago Gula Melaka) and Ice-Kacang.

Soon, within lets say 5 minutes or so, Nyonya Lemak Laksa and Nasi Kerabu simultaneously arrived. Brimming attractively, broth soaking up yellow noodles, julienne cucumber, egg, tofu pok, fish cake and shredded mint leaves, laksa was a hearty filling portion. However, I was a little disappointed with the bland broth which lacked coconut milk creaminess. The vibrant sambal too wasn't as spicy as I expected, so, I called for another serving, but once I was informed that I have to pay 60 cents, hack aside. Why should I pay?   

Nasi Kerabu on the other hand, not only looked captivating, it tasted fantastic. According to my friends. Blue grainy rice when eaten alongside the separate serving of chicken curry, cucumber, fried peanuts and fried egg, Nasi Kerabu was utterly satisfying. I should have also opted for it instead of  laksa. I could have have actually, then again, I knew its gonna be a waste since I have already tucked into laksa. Nevermind, should I return again to this eatery, maybe Nasi Kerabu will be my meal. 

Once we cleared our mains, we tackled the sweet treats. Goodness hell! How can durian be forgotten for pulut hitam? So much for attention to detail, we had send it back. And then of course, the kitchen staff was awoken. Whoever this person was, he or she later added some durian, prior to us digging inside. Taste-wise, sincerely, we enjoy every bit of this famed Nyonya dessert. Gratification. Not to be faulted were the pearly translucent sago generously drenched with coconut milk and palm sugar, and ice-kacang assembled alongside shaved ice, red beans, cendol, corn and palm sugar.

Except for the laksa, the rest of the dishes we tucked into fared quite good. Really. But communicating with the foreign workers was "heaven and hell". 

84, Jalan SS15/4
Subang Jaya.
Tel:  03-5612 3618. 

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  1. Nice review Nava. Happy New Year

  2. Yummy menu Nava.gula melaka is yumm

  3. Shame about the sambal but the coconut rice sounds great.

  4. Love your review.. Being a vegetarian, not sure about main dish.. The dessert looks appealing..

  5. Love every dish here, especially the laksa. Looks really rich & tasty!

  6. Thanks for the review, Nava!! It was indeed a hearty portion!!
    I am intrigued by the blue rice!!

  7. I am a big big fan of laksa. I am sure you make the best laksa.
    The food looks good, spicy.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing you and your family a fantastic year ahead. Looking forward to more wonderful recipes.