Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kitchen Art Brasserie @ Empire Hotel Subang (Subang Jaya, Selangor)

I can, off-hand, count the number of amazing bosses I have worked with. Not many I would say but this current "Mat Salleh" boss, he is such a gem. Humble and simple, he is always smiling, yet work is still work. Thus, when he had to return to his origin country once his term expired, instead of extending for another term, he decided to let go by passing the baton to his successor. So, all of us agreed that he should be honoured with a farewell dinner, including a gift as well. I was not the person who organised the dinner but sure, I didn't mind paying my share and being there at Kitchen Art Brasseries.

Most of my colleagues decided to head to Kitchen Art Brasserie after work, or they didn't mind waiting till the time we were suppose to meet. I on the other hand returned home, showered and by the time I arrive, everyone had already gathered. God knows why so early, colleagues sometimes can get over excited for no apparent reason. As it is, they can slyly back stab you when you least expect, when its such an occasion, they will definitely bulldoze towards securing a permanent place in the  good books of the management so that they can be rewarded with a hearty bonus and increment. Fat hopes, maybe it does work, I really don't care, I arrived at the time we were suppose to. 

We sat around, the guest of honour is yet to show up, of course, hunger was killing everyone softly, yet, you know how pretentious colleagues can be? Thank god, within the next 20 minutes, boss arrived, don't know if he was caught off guard over this farewell gathering, we grinned, speech by boss and then, food moment. Ample choices, sure, salads, appetizers, soups, cold cuts, bread, cheese and our Malaysian local items, eat till you drop concept, but really, not really too far from the rest of the hotel buffets. Or maybe, Kitchen Art Brasserie is far behind. 


I am, believe me, maybe, I should be crowned as world's smallest eater. I had a tiny serving of soup kambing/mutton soup and curry mee to start off. Thick, flavourful and aromatic, soup did justice on my palate, whereas curry mee, well, apparently was a comparatively nice hunger throne. 

Those colleagues I was seated with praised the nasi ayam/chicken rice, they also loved some of the local savory dishes, the grilled meat and pasta/spaghetti from the outside food station. Outside meaning, outside the dining area. Lured by how sensationally they described the grilled meat, I picked up the grilled fish and some sambal/dips to go with it. Spicy sambal of course, forever, will be a winner for this typical Malaysian, I actually enjoyed the fish too.  

Thereafter, I opted for some desserts, between the local kuih-muih, Western cakes, sweet porridge, ice kacang/ABC and cendol.

Opting for corn sweet porridge, little portions of cakes and local kuih as well for my sugar rush, these fared quite right.

So we ate, we chatted and once dinner almost came to an end, we realised that coffee and tea were  not included, the other disappointment, only two types of soft drinks. For the price we paid, we felt let down. Then again, if we didn't try, we wouldn't have known. Yes.

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  1. wow...everything looks v yummy..n nice clicks dear <3<3

  2. It's good you were honest on the feedback form.

  3. OMG what a variety u get to choose from! Everything looks really yum.

  4. Spot on the comment form. I wonder whether they would care or not. Could be they toss it into some junk file?

  5. I love Buffets!! Though I tend to over eat when buffet dining :)

  6. todo muy rico me gustan mucho los mariscos,abrazos.



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