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Restoran Nirwana Maju (USJ, Subang Jaya) Selangor

Considering I have covered almost most of the eateries in SS15, friends suggested I should follow them to Nirwana Maju. Sure, I didn't mind and so, we car pooled, parked at one corner of the road and walked into this spacious eatery. Lunch meal definitely must be banana leaf and that opened up with banana leaf, rice, veggies and curries of the day, curries, papadam, rasam, mor millagai/sun dried soaked in curd chillies and puli inji/ sour-sweet ginger pickle.

The add-on dishes - pepper chicken curry and mutton varuval took some time to arrive and arrived only after continuously calling.

These two dishes - oh-yum, oh-tasty and oh-spicy. Cooked with lots of spices, the pepper chicken definitely I loved more. As I tucked in, I sipped the mango lassi and to end our meal, we had teh tarik.

Nirwana Maju - my first experience but certainly won't be the last and RM50.00 for 4 people I believe is affordable.

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  1. I am feeling hungry looking at the meal :)
    The place has a bright happy vibe to it.

  2. I have been there. yup food not bad. A tad more pricey that some coz here if you wanna add vegetable you have to pay. Unlike others which is unlimited

  3. lovin eating above the banan leaves, pretty hectic when you dealing with the liquid since you'll end up into a mess if you puncture the leaves...hehehe
    glorious spicy food then!

  4. Oh nava when i see the banana leaf i miss india :(.The items seems to be spicy ,r u comfortable with it ?


  5. Pics are sooo tempting :D Wish I was there too!


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