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Char Siu (Chinese Barbecue Pork)

Confession time before I move to the recipe. Honestly guys, this is the first time I am cooking pork at home. Why are asking me? Well, being married to a typical Hindu who doesn't eat pork, I didn't want to pull out our marriage roots or shake up our marriage tree which has already grounded strongly. But lemme tell you that I am a hard-core lover of Chinese food (Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup, Cantonese Fried Rice, Hakka Noodles, Teochew Steamed Fish & Sichuan Chilli Prawns). Actually even my other half-half does not mind Chinese food maybe not often, but every now and then, yet it can't be pork. As long as all those dishes I make are a produce of seafood, he will in fact tuck in and of course, Chinese vegetarian dishes, well, do I have to say anything? Indians seemingly have no issue adapting to vegetarian dishes (Yam Basket Vegetarian, Chinese Vegetable Noodle Soup, Old Cucumber Soup & Vegetarian Chow Mein).

Pork no matter what, is a major taboo for him, neither have I attempted in forcing him. Now, what's the story to me making Char Siu? I in fact have been toying with the idea and since I couldn't keep quiet anymore, I asked him if it will be okay for me to make a pork dish at home. At once, he didn't discount. He told me to go ahead. Oh-boy-oh-glad! Where did the recipe for char siu come from (Chap Chai, Fried Wanton & Chinese Prawn Fritters)? From my Chinese friends and each had their own version. Of course I carefully took note, in the end, I decided to make mine which I think most probably is not the same as the rest of the recipes in terms of ingredients. But I think some of ingredients I have listed below are customary? I believe so. The outcome to me my Char Siu? Undoubtedly a pride and joy to our palates. Crispy on the outside, soft bite inside, some heat and some sweet burst Char Siu definitely is an enliven deliciousness (Steamed White Pompret, Sesame Chicken, Sweet Chilli Chicken & Yong Tau Foo).

1 piece (about 300g) pork belly - wash and pat dry
1/2 tbsp ginger pasteoo 
1 1/2 tbsp bbq sauce (store bought, I guess any type will do)
1 tsp honey
1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce
1/2 tsp all spice powder
1/2 tbsp Chinese wine (optional) 
Pepper and salt for taste
Marinate pork with all the ingredients.
Use a fork to poke to allow the ingredients to sip through.
Place in the fridge and marinate for at least 4 hours.
Rub oil on a baking tray.
Place pork (including the marinate) over. 
Bake at 180c for about 1 hour or till cooked, also flip to cook on the other side.
Remove from oven, cool down and slice.  
Serve with chilli sauce, cucumber and spring onion.  


  1. BBQ flavours are always loved by my kids. This looks awesome. Will try it with chiciken!

  2. You are so right!! compromising with love is very important for a healthy relationship..
    we too have similar problem at home with hubby favoring Punjabi food while i want Gujarati food..

  3. Lovely words Nava.will i substitute with any veggies?

  4. I always love BBQ Pork. As well as my family and my boyfriend too. =)

  5. Oh Nava, you clever gal! I don't even know how to make char siew. Thumbs-up, dear!

  6. delicious!!! I made this before using HCP

  7. Compromising for love is the way to a happy life. I don't like meat dishes as much as my husband and daughter do, but I make it whenever they want. They occasionally eat potatoes for my sake even though they literally dislike it.So its both ways. I don't cook pork at home nor do we eat it but one time a friend of us brought the marinated pork for cooking at our party and my husband with everybody else enjoyed except me. He might look your recipe.

  8. Love the two close up shots the meat looks really succulent.
    Hehee ...chemistry for pork :)

  9. I absolutely love pork belly and am so happy to see it here. The melt in your mouth feeling is uncomparable. I cook both western and Asian dishes with it but personally I prefer it with Asian flavours. Your recipe is a must try on my is simple yet looks beautiful with the greens.
    Agree on the love perspective too. When you love, you try to accommodate each other's wishes to the extent possible. And both need to think that way..ultimately everything in life is about balance:-)

  10. Interesting learnt something new again - adding ginger paste to lose the 'porky' smell

  11. Looks amazing! And must have tasted so delicious! This is definitely on my to-do list! Bad internet connection has kept me away from commenting and posting. A little better speed now.

  12. I don't eat pork but this is presented beautifully.

  13. Never ate pork like this looks amazing and tempted to try


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