Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cabbage Stir Fried with Kadalai Paruppu/Chana Dal And Cumin Seeds

When you least expect, that's when things must go haywire. Five days of hell (read at - Fish Soup With OkraMalaysian Style Fried Mee Hoon and Eggplant With Curry Leaves), thrown in with another 2 more days of turmoil. Wifi crashed and my computer crashed as well. Such is life, isn't  it? One after the after? To tell you the truth, I automatically crashed crushed too. Imagine? Trying to, meanwhile, getting both sorted out, thanks to my neighbor for sharing his password and thanks to my other half for temporarily sharing his laptop, oh-boy, I am here back again with all of you with a vegetarian side dish. Cabbage Stir Fried with Kadalai Paruppu/Chana Dal And Cumin Seeds. Akin, a pride and joy dish between the rest of the vegetarian dishes I have shared so far (Long Bean Milk Turmeric, Vegetable Achar, Watermelon Mint Salad, Curried Potatoes, Moor Kolumbu, Keerai Kootu, Masala Tofu, Ney Sambar, Cauliflower Cutlet, Mango Pickle, Coriander Tomato Soup & Eggplant Stir Fried.

1/2 cabbage (about 400g) - sliced/shredded
2 tbsp kadalai paruppu/chana dal (rinsed and drained off the water)
1 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 onion - sliced
1 green chilli - slice to medium size pieces
1 tsp turmeric/kunyit powder
2 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Heat oil and saute onion and chilli.
Add cumin seeds and dhal.
Stir until they splatter.  
Put the rest of the ingredients (cabbage, turmeric and salt) 
Stir to soften cabbage.
Remove from heat. 
Trend alongside "nava-k", possibly on every other social media please. I bet it won't hurt your fingers and eyes.

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  1. Glad Google took care of the issues professionally hmm ...all is not in this reckless world.
    Cabbage stir fry is really yummy.

  2. i love this stir fry along with rice and some vegetable curry and of course, fish fry!!! yum...

  3. Healthy stir fry Nava.lovely click

  4. healthy stir fry and love the color of it

  5. The simple yet most loved veggie..lovely Nava

  6. wow...i would love to make..
    great clicks navi

    my recent one :Mua Haul !!!

  7. I have heard that Google hires best people..It shows in your case!!
    Cabbage stir fry looks yummy!!

  8. This is one of my favorite and yours look delicious Nava.. Love it. Cabbage looks so crispy

  9. Love the way you kept cabbage the combo of dal and lentils...

  10. Felt good reading about support you received from Google. Love the cabbage stir fry and such a pretty serving dish too! Nowadays, I think about plates and serving platters more than anything else!:)

  11. I love cabbage alot.. This seems to be a nice recipe! :)

  12. I cook often this..healthy n low calorie dish vth cabbage...

  13. perfectly made...just with roti or rice this will rock...i would love some coconut flakes along too :)

  14. This is one of those sides the kids just love. They mix it with rice and happily enjoy it. Looks quite yummy.
    So so glad your domain thing got sorted out and you got the help and assistance. I struggled with google to get my account reinstated when it seemed to be hacked, but it all turned out well.

  15. I live cabbage but we don't make it anymore as cabbage in India is so unhealthy, so many people have for neurogical problems..
    I wish we could try this recipe if yours.. :)
    Have a nice day
    Keep in touch,

  16. looks tempting.. I make cabbage kootu with kadalai paruppu and will try this stir fry next time

  17. Love this delicious and healthy stir fry with some rice and sambar.

  18. I make cabbage the same way, just do not add cumin seeds.

  19. this is the delicious curry we have loved savoring as a child and it is true till comforting and absolutely scrumptious,thanks for sharing :-)

  20. crunchy cabbage fry look very tempting...

  21. Never added cumin to cabbage n never added dal. I need to try this version of yours. It sounds good.

  22. Simple dishes are actually the ones that are the most delicious. My Mother made cabbage stir fry so frequently..and we loved it. This one is even better with the channa dal. Google definitely has lived up to it's name. It is so important to provide that kind of service to build customer loyalty.

  23. Cabbage stir fry is one of my family favorite dish but I never used chana dal in it, love it that you are using chana dal and yours look delicious Nava !!

  24. Oh, this is how we maharashtrians make it too :) Tastes soooo flavourful... Love this :)


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