Friday, November 8, 2013

Little Penang Kafe (Mid Valley Megamall)

I just god-damn hate it when I have to work during weekends. Speak about this trend by the so called "World Class Organisation", literally forcing you to work on Sundays. Perhaps, I won't mind half day Saturday in the name of attaining my KPI, but a full Sunday working is utter nonsense. Thats the problem with American companies. In US, they won't dare bully their own kind, but when the rule in Malaysia, they strongly believe in "Sweat Shops". One which, presumably they are dead against when writing or presenting academic papers, but in reality, thanks to our Malaysian carrying balls bosses, who seemingly will support these American top guns in squeezing every drop of our blood for, as I have already said, "World Status" achievement. Duh!

So, I literally forced myself on this Sunday. Mid Valley Megamall education fair, as Dolly Parton has clearly sung - Working 9 to 5,wish she had also mentioned Sunday. I surely did my job. I counselled the potential future students. But there was no end, and there was no mercy. The merciless person in charge didn't even care if I have had my lunch. Pathetic. Must be trying to secure his job, whereas I was getting worked up. Look, its already 2.30pm, what, am I suppose to die at my job? Go to hell. I informed the pathetic donkey and walked away in search of an eatery. Not a person who hang around in Mid Valley, no, I am not, I opted for Little Penang Kafe, which I believe we all will walk pass upon stepping foot in this busy as ever mall. 

Seated at one far end empty table, away from the rest of the customers, I flipped through the menu and ordered. Penang food definitely is akin a splendour for me, hopefully, I made the right decision in dining in Little Kafe. Within the next few minutes, I was served. Curry Laksa, thereafter Red Rubbies. Coconut milk and spices scented broth, drenched over yellow noodles, tofu pok, bean sprouts, cockles and fish ball, garnished with tad bit of mint leaves, Curry Laksa eaten with the sambal didn't really win my heart. Sambal definitely lacked the spiciness I am accustomed to, regardless, I will say that curry laksa is a hearty filling meal. Broth was flavorful indeed. 

Red Rubbies, a popular Thai dessert, coconut milk and sugar loaded, some shaved ice, crunchy sticky dough coated chestnut and this one, coming with jack fruit slices, made me happy. I love this sweet dessert. Always my favorite. Nice. Red Rubbies ultimately calmed my hunger anger further.  
Within half an hour, I settled the bill and hurriedly left Little Penang Kafe, before, who knows, some colleague snakes back stabbing me, because I had my lunch break when they didn't.  

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  1. Nice review ! That bowl of sambhal looks yummy...

  2. i like that type of place.. so many good food to order.

  3. Made my mouth water. I need to cook curry laksa soon!

  4. Food looks so tempting
    Keep in touch,

  5. Wow that menu card does look appetizing and the dessert looks so yummy what a combination of coconut,jackfruit and chestnut...yummm
    Love reading about a day in ur life.

  6. nava what did u say red rubies .I have to try next time in nearby thai restaurant.Previous time i was not bcz the portions were too much.This time i am going to share my husbands entree and get red rubies :)

  7. The menu card looks so appetizing! I am just back in singapore after a long holiday in india. I am craving for some local food now. Missed blogging the last 1 month & so happy to be back.

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  9. The place looks cozy.. It's such a disappointment when the something you ordered doesn't turn out the way you expect it to be...Thankfully the dessert saved the day..