Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant (Pelabuhan Klang) Selangor

Family dining together, how interesting? Who is driving, who is not, which restaurant it should be and where, eventually, we vroomed. But somewhere along the way, tail gating didn't work. No, it didn't. Patience I believe is not everyone's virtue, nope, some arrived earlier, the rest of us were lost. We actually did manage to arrive at the said Pelabuhan Klang location (Seri Langat SeafoodCoconut Flower Seafood). However, due to a little confusion on which is which, because there's two restaurants, literally almost with the same name within this same compound, we were unsure. Calling each other then seemingly was the next logical thing, finally, we walked into Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant. Floating on the water, real deal typical Malaysian style colonial Chinese restaurant, honestly, I loved the walk I did on the planks prior to being seated in the open, spacious and surrounded in water  dining area. Especially in a night setting, it just made me so happy. Really, I so loved it. Living in the city and coming over to such a place is definitely a different experience all together. Seldom for me, so when its thrown in once in a blue moon, I must forget about everything under the sun and instead of grumbling on how unfair life is, I should pleasure into such an amazing view while tucking into a meal.   

Next came the moment of truth on nailing the dishes. Quite a vast selection, mainly for various types of seafood items, we mutually agreed on most of it. For drinks, we couldn't compromise. Impossible. Remember different characters with different needs and desires dining together (Golden Thai Seafood Village Penang)? Each opted for its own. Otherwise, I beg to differ what would have been the consequences. Instead of hammering the crab, we would have ended up hammering each other. Just kidding! No joke, no fun. We called for fruit juices, fresh coconut, and the men, don't they love beer for warming up, prior to tucking into a seafood meal? They sincerely do. Why not? I would have too, but you know what's the problem with me drinking beer? Most probably, I would have slept in the toilet. I didn't want to risk  it, I also can't piss in filthy toilets. Look, I am not saying that toilet condition in Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, I really don't know, but seriously, I didn't want to take the chance. So, I sipped into fruit juice. Excitement of dining subsequently caused me to fumble on picturing. As you will notice sooner or later, some of the pictures didn't turn out as expected. So much for my photography skills. Dang for nava-k!

10 minutes most to most await, dishes came streaming out from the kitchen, one after the other. Tucking in alongside rice and chopped chillies and garlic in soy sauce, indeed, we couldn't be happier. Worth the long drive. Yes, truly. Sizzling Claypot Tofu was devoured by the kids, we adults also sampled some. Thick gooey sauce submerging various types of vegetables and obviously, tofu as well. Mixed Vegetable in a thick white sauce didn't look appealing, but once we dived in, we appreciated its simply tastes, similar to the simply Stir Fried Kailan Garlic. Alongside these three dishes, we also tucked into Thai Style Chicken, Assam Steamed Fish, Fried Fish Soy Sauce, Butter Prawns and the finale, as always for a seafood meal, must be crab. Steamed Crab and Kam Heong Crabs. 
Chopped Birds Eye Chillies & Garlic
Claypot Tofu
Plain Rice
Mixed Vegetable
  Kailan Garlic
Thai Style Chicken 
Assam Steamed Fish
Fried Fish Soy Sauce
Butter Prawns
Steamed Crab
Kam Heong Crab

Honestly and sincerely, almost 100% perfection, none of these dishes failed. Assam Steamed Fish with its spicy and tangy tastes, truly crispy crunchy on the outside and soft bite inside Crispy Fried Fish in tad bit of Soy Sauce was the one I kept raving over and over,  and batter coated fried chicken  atop with tad bit of sweet, spicy and tangy Thai sauce was equally delicious. Butter Prawns has never been my favourite, though I tasted the buttery, eggy and scented with curry leaves, smooth and fine threads, covering fresh crunchy succulent prawns. Between the two crab dishes, steamed subtle tasting crab was not popular amongst most of us compared to kam cheong crab, coated with a thick dark and mildly spicy sauce. An extra doze of spiciness would have been  better, nevertheless, these two crab dishes were the ultimate sea fresh catch, in fact, akin the rest of the seafood items we had already tucked into.

What a splendor dining experience. Walla! Great food in a water setting, worth the price for the thirteen of us.

Trend alongside "nava-k", possibly on every other social media please. Assured, I won't bite your hands akin how I bite into the crabs. 


  1. Wow...I like. Thanks. Will try and find this plc. at yip kee noodle in sect 15 subang jaya. Opposite the metro politant college.

    Food here is nice

  2. nice place n lovely dishes!!! love the wat tender coconut is served if im not wrong :D

  3. Lovely restaurant .I love the tender coconut ,its very cute.

  4. The place is so cool.. Food looks yummy
    Is that coconut fixed on ice..!!
    Keep in touch,

  5. Oh Nava u tempt me with yummy looking food from the restaurant every time.The crab does look the best and that coconut with frozen base I have never seen that before.

  6. seems like one tasty seafood meal


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