Friday, October 4, 2013

Woods - The best organic vegan place in KL

As someone who just arrived to Malaysia, and being in Asia for the first time, it was hard for me to imagine that healthy and tasty can come together perfectly in the Asian cuisine. All the food that I had eaten in Europe previously that was Asian was most of the times fried and very spicy, which regularly caused me heartburn and indigestion. This happened even more so in Malaysia, which I managed to overcome yet I was very happy to discover a new restaurant which offered both healthy and local cuisine, all wrapped up in a very attractive concept: the organic and bio diet. And this place is called Woods.

As the name suggests, the place calls out to an audience that enjoys nature, and as such, natural products and ingredients. The location is perfect for this concept; it’s a serene wide and open space which offers silence in favor of the outside chaos and noise. The wooden tables and the mirrors which reflect the light further enhances the natural feel of the place. A collection of aphorisms welcomes the guest on each table, and offers kind and wise words, or even a song. Once you get comfortable, it’s time to choose your meal and drink from the menu.

In tune with the healthy lifestyle, the menu contains a long list of strictly vegan dishes, so for any vegan, this is heaven! No need to ask if the dish is vegan/vegetarian, the choices are boundless. And they are very tasty as well; pan-Asian, with many Japanese inspired options. One of the favorites is the Japanese Bento set, which comes in many different variations. It contains everything from the starter salad, to the soup and the protein-filled meal. For those who are fans of tofu, there is a large variety of dishes featuring tofu as the main ingredient, with special sauces and delicious spices. When it comes to my personal preferences, I can boil it down to three I have enjoyed ever since going there:

The Carrot Otaku Lentil Burger
This burger is so tasty! I could have it every day without a doubt. It has an amazing flavor, and the mayonnaise sauce goes together perfectly with the salad and the lentil patty. It’s fresh and it’s filling, and by the last bite you feel you’ve had a healthy meal, even though it was a burger.

The Curry Noodles Tofu
This dish tastes amazingly good, its curry flavor seeps through all the ingredients, from the tofu to the salad. It’s basically a soup, but it is a very filling one, and again, by the end you still feel fresh and healthy, without burdening you.

Steamed Cabbage Turmeric
Yet another fresh and light meal – besides the turmeric tastes, it reminded me of ginger, which makes it even fresher. Coupled with the cabbage, it is truly a light and healthy course, and works well with the sauce. For anyone who is a cabbage fan, like me, this is one of the best ways I’ve seen it prepared. 

If you want a fresh drink to go with your meal, I would heartily recommend the Lemongrass one, which combats the outside weather very well and is served in adorable glass-jars. For something more special and serving more health benefits, I would suggest going with the macrobiotic functional beverages, as these specify the positive effects they have on your body. Just keep in mind that because they are so beneficial, they are also quite filling, and they don’t taste like the regular sugary beverages we are all used to.

As a last point, the service is nice and the staff is friendly. And just before walking out, you might want to take a look at the attached shop where they sell organic groceries, seeds and nuts, and even some toiletries.

The place is comfortably located in a central area:
Wisma Bukit Bintang 28
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-2143 1636

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  1. the burger looks thick! Even the patty. nowadays the burgers at fast food restaurants are shrinking.. so thin!

  2. wowwww...nice all dishes. Especially lentil burger...what a healthy version of pattie!!!!!!!!!

  3. Loved reading through Edith's review Nava. And that burger sure looks yum!

  4. I have always wanted to try a vegan burger with lentils. Glad to have come across your recipe. Thanks!

  5. Looks really yummy...nice pics

  6. What a stunning and delicious dinner!

  7. Healthy version of burger is inviting.. That too the vegan patty is really impressive .. Nice review

  8. I've never tried a vegan burger...Great review Nava !

  9. VEry healthy and delicious, nice review...

  10. Nice post and definitely vegan is the demand of time....awesome

  11. My regular haunt for quite a few years when I am in need of green and clean food.

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