Monday, October 21, 2013

Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant - Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam)

"No Way Jose" because twice we were "booted out" at the entrance of Nihonkai by the rough and tough Kota Kemunians. Anyway, come whatever it may, there is always our savior Restaurant Poh Yap for hawker food, prior to happily returning home after tummy tucking. The following week, also on a Sunday, we made sure we were in Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant before 6.30pm. Indeed, a wise decision. We actually manage to beat the hungry as ever and ill-mannered customers who still seemingly hurriedly walked in thereafter. We couldn't care less. Alls well and good so far because we were already comfortably seated. Service was tip top. At once. We flipped through the menu which basically features the common items as in other such commercial Japanese eateries (Kin Ryu Tei & Hyotan Subang Jaya), ordering too was pretty simple as ABC. Edamame/Steamed Green Beans, Mixed Sashami, Saba Shioyaki, Shishamo Karaage, Matcha Ice Cream and Green Tea. Green Tea popped up just so soon, followed by the rest of the items.
Green tea? Its green tea. That's it. Steamed edamame/beans on the other hand forever is a good starter for a Japanese meal. Nibbling of the warm salty pods, but please, stop with trying to eat the skin. It will not get you anyway.  
Next, we tackled the Sashami. Raw fish slices (salmon, white tuna, red tuna and octopus), fish roe, julienne radish, lemon slices, salad leaves and green leaves over an ice bed. Nice. We have always been a fan of raw Japanese food, this one didn't let us down.  
However, we had a tiny bit of issue with the Shishamo Karaage/Pregnant Fish. We were expecting a grilled version, unfortunately, these three pieces of pregnant fish were batter coated and fried. Maybe a different version? Only the chef knows. Having said that, once we munched in after sprinkling some chilli flakes, we have calmed down.

We brimmed up again once we tucked into the grilled, charred on the outside and soft meat inside mackerel. Oh- heaven. Almost a perfection. Great stuff.
Matcha ice cream (green tea ice cream and mushy red beans), which presumably is regarded as the sweet note for a Japanese meal was not outstanding (Tomoe Subang Jaya), still, it did capture my palate.    
Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant I believe, potentially, I am assuming too, will stand tall in Kota Kemuning for the longest time. There is definitely an overwhelming demand for instant Japanese food in Kota Kemuning. Just the love, specifically for Chinese customers. In fact, from the time we arrived and left Nihonkai, we didn't notice any single Indian soul. I guess Indians are yet to understand the meaning of dining over, especially raw Japanese items. 

No 12 & 12A, Business Park 2
Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE31/BE
Kota Kemuning
Shah Alam 
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  1. food sound so so only and pricey.

    LOL...I think people staring your food coz they might not know what to order.

    I would do that at some restaurant. if Don;t know what to order, i will look at the next table. If food looks good, will tell the waiter "i want that" :p

  2. Ooooo, those pregnant fish are my son's fave! It's nice to indulge in some Japanese food once in a while, isn't it?

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. you have wonderful space here. Will visit again.

  4. I have never been to Japanese restaurant.. But I always wish to know what recipes they serve.. Thanks for sharing the clicks..

  5. I think you are a fish lover .Am i right ?used to order lots of fish dishes.hmm .nice review

  6. Lovely clicks,edamme beans looks so fresh and vibrant.Precise review

  7. I don't know much about Japanese food but the photos look very appealing. Would love to try out the dessert!

  8. Interesting post and menu... Nice clicks too Nava :-)

  9. wow..interesting post n clicks...
    loved it <3

    my recent one :

  10. Wow that matcha ice-cream with red bean paste looks DELICIOUS!!!! I would love to try that!! I now have a huge craving for Japanese food and green tea :)

  11. The one thing about Japanese food is that it always looks colourful and pretty. I am not a big fan of the cuisine but have a few favourites. The food looks good here though.

  12. I have not yet tried Japanese food yet, but the food looks yum.


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