Friday, September 20, 2013

Karaikudi Restaurant (Lebuh Pasar, Georgetown) Penang

The previous night, we dined at Golden Thai village and returned to Flamingo Hotel. Next morning, at about 11am, at uncle's suggestion, another round of harmony within the family by lunching in Karaikudi. So we drove to Georgetown, parked, walked in and were ushered to the simple and basic upstairs dining area.

From the menu featuring ample choices of food and drinks, certainly wasn't that easy ordering for 20 adults and 10 kiddos, eventually, well, we decided and arrived the plain beriyani,
Mutton Varuval/dry type
Chicken 65/spicy deep fried
Fried Masala Fish
Mutton Curry
Vegetable Kurma
Palak Paneer
Spicy Mooru
Aromatic scrambled eggs
Sambar/dhal curry
Alor Gobi
Okay, while the ambiance isn't anything great, the dishes truly were. Flavourful and cooked with lots of spices, coconut milk and assumingly alongside yogurt, curries and vegetables were definitely the highlights, whereas the fried stuffs were the usual ones as offered in other Indian restaurants. After the meal, we called for gulab jamun, carrot halwa and masala tea.  

Overly sweet, except for small pinches of the desserts, none were keen for more helping. The masala tea on the hand was a superb way to end this Indian meal.   
Karaikudi certainly is the place for delicious and authentic South Indian dishes, only if they use less sugar in the desserts, their rating will go higher. 

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No, 20, Lebuh Pasar
Tel:  04-2631345


  1. superb... done with lunch but your post made me hungry agn... most of my fav recipes :)

  2. beautiful clicks...loved the post

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  3. i always looked forward to u r restaurant review.impressive.

  4. Nice review dear, these pics are making me hungry...

  5. lovely post..all you clicks, makes me hungry particularly palak paneer and gulab jamun...yum..yumm

  6. Amazing pics. Really makes me hungry now.

  7. Love all your reviews,they are so standard with lovely pics

  8. Nice write up..Beautiful clicks..

  9. All the dishes are my favorite this time .If I was there I would not know where to begin :))

  10. Lovely review with tempting clicks...all pictures are awesome and making me hungry...

  11. What a colour interior & wonderful spread of food! Have a good week ahead, Nava!

  12. loved the interior,food,clicks..I think u love exploring....I liked it.
    Great post

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  13. Even I am not a fan of desserts with high sugar content.

  14. The food looks delicious decor on point.


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