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Golden Thai Seafood Village - (Batu Ferringhi, Penang) Malaysia

Dining with extended family I agree is all about bonding, but when its alongside almost literally 25 different characters, tell me please. Hair and head splitting. First of all, to decide where dinner should be, each of course have their own preferences, then, coming together, I mean driving together, especially when you are not sure where the roads are leading. Quite a thing actually, believe me. Still, we made it in one piece in Golden Thai Seafood Village. Impressive. Impressively set up, even the compound, upon walking in, you will notice rows and rows, one after the other sea catch confined in aquariums. Sad for the fish, prawns, crabs and what not, whichever sea creatures I noticed. Then again, I am not a vegetarian, so, no point sympathizing. After walking past the quite long aisle, while some family members disputed on what to order, we sat in the spacious dining area. Prettiness and neatness, with a cultural show going on right in front of us on the stage.

Ordering was not an easy feat either. I stayed clear. I didn't want to end up battling, by the way, I am not a fussy eater, so, anything goes for me. One person took charge, as usual while waiting, came the little plates of peanuts. Immediately crunched in since its already 9pm.
Thank god, we didn't have to wait for long. Dishes arrived simultaneously one after the other. Had to be.There were no other customers except us occupying three tables. One table allocated for vegetarians, everyone then immediately, at once tuck into the dishes alongside rice.
Stir Fried Green Mustard Garlic
Asparagus Belacan/Shrimp Paste
Prawn Egg Foo Yong
Grilled Prawns With Custard Sauce
Asam Steamed Fish
Ginger Chili Steamed Fish
Kam Heong Crabs

Not bad. I don't know about the rest, I don't think I should speak on behalf of others, I enjoyed this meal. The simply stir fried sawi/green mustard was appreciated, asparagus belacan killed in the Malaysian authentic tastes, egg omelette was a favourite among the kids, crispy on the outside and soft inside prawn mantis, dipped over the custard sauce was praised, and the two types of fish packed a massive punch. Both may have been cooked with different ingredients, though there were some common ones, both packed the same punch. Spicy and tangy. The big bold forever a must for Malaysians. On the contrary, crab was a let down. Not 100% though, we all wished for another additional doze of spiciness. Having said that, once everyone had satisfied their hunger, they did praise this dinner. So, I was not wrong. Don't ask me now how much we paid, I was later told that it was a bomb truly pricey bill.

69A, Batu Ferringhi
Penang, Malaysia
Tel:  04-8811362

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  1. I really admire your writing style.Though the place is not known to me the pics n your write up is quite impressive

  2. Impressive Pics...and awesome place..i love your beautiful stlye of presenting the places and foods...

  3. wonderful review and quite an adventurous experience,it is nice to have some good food and some events going on to make kids busy.

  4. what a lot of seafood. My jaw dropped when I saw the King crab! so big!

  5. mmmm these look like perfection!

  6. I would love this place, the seafood looks amazing.

  7. wow pics dear...lovely post navneet :)
    my recent one :

  8. lovely review and awesome clicks dear...

  9. Nice write up and excellent clicks Nava..

  10. appreciate ur patience first n nice post n food looks delicious..

  11. What a feast, Nava! Love those sauces on the seafood especially the fish. I'm sure you'd a great time ^_^

  12. Seems like a fun place!! Thanks for sharing your views and experience!!

  13. As usual great post and fantastic clicks Nava... I'm a sea-food lover myself dear :-)

  14. So much sauce and delicious dishes, a lovely village :D


  15. Interesting post! I loved the pictures..

  16. Ahh scrumptious looking platter.. Wish I cud dine there :)

  17. Nice post Nava with amazing clicks ! I love sea food and the pics are real tempting !

  18. All the dishes you ordered, I like.

  19. Looks like a tourist spot...assuming so because of the dance presentation.

  20. Definitely looks like a touristy spot. Assumption is because of the dance performance. I may be wrong...


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