Monday, July 15, 2013

Peppercorn Cafe - SS15 (Subang Jaya)

Surprisingly, for the years I have been working in Subang Jaya, I am surprise as well how did I miss out on Peppercorn?? Really, I can't say though I do hear colleagues speaking highly about their affordable set lunch. Okay, so came my chance at the end of the semester whereby we meal together as one big happy family. Peppercorn indeed and indeed, we walked and arrived for an early lunch. Peppercorn seemed a favourite because by 12.15pm, almost full house with college students and office staff.   

Set lunch, yes-yes, reasonably priced and the fastest compared to other dishes from their menu. Set lunch on this day - three different mains, inclusive of garlic bread, soup of the day, coffee and ice cream. Unanimously, we agreed over grilled chicken set.   
Garlic toast, obviously, garlicky and crispy for dunking into the "quite" flavourful pumpkin soup and to keep the tummy warm before receiving the main.  

The grilled chicken was generously drenched with brown mushroom sauce and paired with the sad-looking sauteed vegetables and fries. The coffee and ice-cream?? Just so normal.                  
This set meal for RM13.50, I wouldn't complain neither I will comment on the taste but I sure agree it was a decent and filling meal. Peppercorn again? Well, if I don't mind walking that far and if I don't mind a simple set lunch, maybe!!

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  1. Always heard of pumpkin soup but never got a chance to try! Looks creamy and yes, slightly diluted and I always love croutons on them and the chicken does look drenched and marinated in lovely sauce.
    I have seen this happening with many restaurants when they serve a combo, be it the side salad or steamed/stir fried veggies, it is always given lower priority and placed only for namesake!

  2. That grilled chicken looks awesome. The pupkin soup is what i want to try once. Nice review....seems u had nice tym there.

  3. waw! That grilled chicken looks seriously tempting & I am drooling over it. Even I dont like to have soups, coz they really fill your stomach & then will not have much space to enjoy the main course & dessert. This cafe is decently priced & the food also looks good. I am sure you will go there again:)

  4. Looks yum.. :)
    Keep in touch

  5. Love the garlic toast and pumpkin soup.. Pumpkin soup is new to me..

  6. Looks super yum, and lovely spread of food...

  7. Looks like this is one time restaurant. Love to read your reviews nava.

  8. never try this before will gona go and have some try :3

  9. Sounds good. Matbe will try out this friday if time permits

  10. So tempting recipe, looks so great.

  11. Thats a very affordable lunch menu!

    Confession...I first read it as "Popcorn Cafe". That must be my brains craving popcorn. LOL.


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