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Flamingo Hotel - 2 bedroom suite (Jalan Tanjung Bungah) Penang

Bye bye  Ixora Hotel, hello Flamingo Hotel. What a disastrous mistake albeit everything on the surface was truly impressive. Large lobby area and people streaming in non-stop. Initially, I was, mind you, looking forward to an amazing experience in Flamingo Hotel until we walked into our two bedroom suite. Dusk all over the living room, worst was the bedroom. Stained pillow covers, crumbled bed-sheet, hair all over the place, including in the bathroom. Hell! I tried to sound to my other half-half, he on the other hand, thought I was behaving like a diva. Not that he didn't understand what I was saying, he just wouldn't stand up among his family to voice out his opinion. Strange too, I didn't hear a word from the rest of the family members. So, I kept shut. 

Thereafter, within the next 10 minutes, disaster struck again. TV remote was playing sparks. House keeping came to rescue, but did nothing. Answer was pretty simple. Remote is not working. Thats it. Fantastic. I still wouldn't keep quiet. I called house keeping again for cleaning up our suite. Hopefully, they heard me loud and clear. The only consolation was balcony overlooking the swimming pool and the sea, and wifi too couldn't be faulted.  


I definitely didn't want stay put in my room. I tacked along my other half-half who was going to meet his client. Hopefully, by the time I return later, cleanliness would have been upheld. Back to the room at 10pm, nothing. Nothing has taken place. No cleaning. nothing literally. Did I have a choice? Nope. I tried to occupy myself on wifi, when I really couldn't open my eyes, I forced myself on bed. Next morning, we skipped breakfast. Our instincts did play a vital role. We were not wrong. Complaints after complaints from family members. They had worst disaster in their suites. Toilet bowl clogged up, dirty floors again and breakfast was utterly nonsense. Stale food.
Never will we return to Flamingo hotel again.


  1. Yuck...they didn't bothered to clean thr place before handing you the keys?

    That is even worst than the hotel in kuantan. At least it was clean when we checked in but they ignored us when we asked for house keepinvg the next day

  2. hotel rooms are something i expect is so irritating with such experiences of not cleaning before handling to a visitor

  3. Oh the hotel lobby looks clean and tidy! The diagonally cut white pillars look cool and up-to-date! I loved the beach front, pristine!
    But Hotel rooms are always a puzzle to me - some are super clean, cannot find a single mistake - and there are some others which are bearable - and couple others, cannot enter, HaHa! I have always been a fan of complementary breakfast no matter which hotel I'm in. But yeah, if they are serving stale food, the matter should be reported! Good that you skipped the breakfast. A bold review!! :)

  4. That must have been so disappointing! The lobby/reception area does look inviting.

  5. Oops. That is quite bad since this is quite a famous hotel!

  6. In the hotel industry. Guests are of prime concern. They must be given immediate attention. Having this kind of behavior and response is not at all acceptable. It is all about maintaining a healthy relationship with your guests. It they are treated well would turn up again else will find another option.


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