Monday, June 24, 2013

Antipodean Cafe - Jalan Telawi (Bangsar)

Strange but true, the evening jam was bearable and parking at Jalan Telawi, surprisingly for whatever reason it was, we managed to park right in front of Antipodean Cafe. Walking in at about 6.30pm, we were the only customers. A nice and clean ambiance, I sat and waited for the menu without realising I had to stare at the wall menu but seated a little afar, I had to walk closer to look at the options. And then we agreed to share a couple of dishes whereas drinks as usual, your choice or mine.  

Dishes arrived and to start, we tucked into the potato salad - chunky soft potatoes with creamy dressing and a dollop of mayonnaise, nothing cloying, just so like the ones I make at home and with six people forking in, every bit finished off within minutes.
Nxt was Big Breakfast  - consisting of harsh brown, grilled potato, sautéed mushrooms, crispy fried bacon and scrambled eggs. Quite a big portion, between these items, I liked the ordinarily stir fried juicy mushrooms.
Thereafter arrived the Thai Chicken Satay - tender moist grilled chicken in skewer and paired with with supposedly a spicy sauce. But so little of the sauce for six sticks of satay and cucumber slices didn't make sense, more so sauce was flat and bland. Just one stick of satay and the rest conveniently the friends savoured into.
The lamb satay on the other hand was a yum factor - light crispy outer layer and and soft bouncy meat, great taste after dipping in the sour cream.
The star dish  was the Grilled Chicken on a bed of crunchy beans, served with grilled tomatoes and drizzled with a mild brown sauce. Lovingly I ate the soft textured chicken and the sauce stood out for its simplicity, rather subtle and muted taste.
After the savory dishes, we called for Bali Date Cake and Caramelized Apple Cinnamon. Between both, caramelized cake with butterscotch sauce was awesomely divine. Sinful yet a decadent choice.
The dense bali cake - totally sugarless and tasted flat. But friends had no qualms polishing the cake off.
As we ate, the drinks we sipped into - Slice of Heaven, Karl's Detox and Tologa Sunrise while two friends opted for sky juice.

RM150.00 for the 6 of us I think is reasonable and whether I return to Antipodean all depends if I don't mind the drive.

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  1. The sauteed mushrooms look heavenly!!
    HaHa, yeah the whole deskinned peanut kinda looks out of place!
    The cake is drool worthy though, love the moisture!! The kebabs look just about right. The menu had something called "fluffy babyccino" - :) I just googled to see what it is!! Lots of varieties in the menu, you should take ur other half to try few more from the menu!
    Nice clicks and review!

  2. Ooo that was a yummy looking platter of kababs and drool worthy moist cake

  3. Lovely clicks.. The mneu looks big and love the cake..

  4. Looks delicious even though you didn't want to make trip once again. I am curious to try that bali cake.

  5. Still drooling at your photos... the Big Breakfast, the satay, and the kebabs look so tempting. What a variety!

  6. love those sauteed mushrooms and the satay. Ahh that rhymes:) they should as both are great foods

  7. I hv heard a lot about this place. Yet to go. ...hmm...looks lije have to asked a few friends to go so yhat can share out the food as portion so big

  8. Nice clicks Nava.. Yummy platter.. Loved the cake the most :-)

  9. The platter looks absolutely inviting.The chicken and mushroom looks so delectable.

  10. Hi Nava, thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. The kebab look delicious.

    Best regards.

  11. so many dishes in one to read..thanks for sharing

  12. All those exotic dishes are mouth watering . Great share