Sunday, May 26, 2013

Restaurant Choy Kee - SS19/6, Subang Jaya

Choy Kee (behind Lik Hung Chinese School) may be another simple basic Chinese coffee shop but the curry laksa from one of the stalls here, my colleague kept harping over and over until I had to mission over it. Assuming we knew the exact location, quite a fumble actually before arriving just after 12.00pm. Almost packed with customers, we sat at the nearest empty table outside. Though equally tempting was the chicken rice, we still went ahead and ordered the curry laksa from the pleasant lady owner.    

The two bowls of curry laksa arrived within 10 minutes. Power packed and absolutely fabulous was the thick creamy broth assembled alongside yellow noodles, chicken, tofu pok and cockles. Eaten with the sambal (chilli dip), I enjoyed every bit of this curry laksa and we were so close to calling for another round. Then, we changed our mind and thought that we will return again probably next week or so.

Surprisingly, my friend who is not a fan of curry laksa,  totally agreed with me on the deliciousness. 

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  1. It certainly looks worth licking the bowl clean :D


  2. Wow! The laksa chicken curry looks awesome.. And definitely drool-worthy Nava :-)

  3. Nice post ! You always came up with wonderful reviews..

  4. I will go and try
    Curry laksa is one of my favourite

  5. i can't wait to taste this. heavenly.

  6. Ohh the famous Laksa!! Looks amazing, the chicken pieces are tender, love the color too - Any food which is in soupy consistency never makes one feel too full, but just right!!
    I also love the way the roasted whole chickens are hanged in there, HaHa! Looks yum!!

  7. Looks heavenly! I'd have cleaned up my bowl too!:)

  8. sounds it same row as the Kah Hiong Chicken rice...both ends of the row have Caltex and Petron and BHP?

  9. Looks good! Think the hubster will certainly love it!


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