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Tofu Katsu

Tofu Katsu Nava-K's style. As usual right? We must have our style to cooking right? Of course. I mean, its nice to trend behind other people's recipes, but potentially, we should set the parameter by trending in front of those recipes too? If you are asking me, its a big yes. Our recipes bench-marked against the rest and for setting our dishes apart from the rest (Kenchin Jiru). So, what the cooking food story for this Tofu Katsu (Japanese Eggplant Saute & Simmered Daikon)? Pretty much straightforwardness. Sliced Japanese tofu rolled over bread crumbs (Baked Bread Rolls & Sardine Bread Rolls) mixed with spring onion, salt and pepper, thereafter crispy fried and paired alongside roasted white sesame seeds and sugar in Japanese soy sauce (Teppanyaki Salmon). How interesting right? An invention in our kitchen and for a Japanese style appetizer or snack or even side dish? Gosh! I bet you are loving this my style of Tofu Katsu? Oh, by the way, before I leave you alone, I must say that you shouldn't discount tofu as a source of affordable and healthy protein. Much can be food accomplished with tofu, believe me you (Tofu Green BeansTofu Soup, Spinach Tofu Stir Fry & Tofu Curry).

1 packet (150g) Japanese egg tofu - remove from packet and slice into pieces
1 cup breadcrumbs
2 sprigs spring onion - shredded
Salt (if needed) and pepper for taste

For the dipping sauce
2-3 tbsp Japanese soya sauce
1/2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds
A pinch of sugar

Mix breadcrumbs with spring onion, salt and pepper.
Roll tofu one by one and deep fry till golden brown in color. Combined the ingredients for the sauce and with Tofu Katsu. 


  1. Looks crispy and delicious! Must be great! I love the sauce along with it! :)

  2. I've never heared egg japanese tofu actually, sound great,this tofu dish is perfect for appetizer,I like the crispiness on this and match with this simple YUMMY sauce :)

  3. I have also heard of the ideal Japanese Women fact or should I say myth :-)!! It is very sweet of you to share your personal experience very candidly, appreciate it Nava!! Not many people can do that in a public medium for sure!! Oh my respect for you just doubled!
    The fried Tofus look super crunchy(thx to breadcrumbs!) and very inviting, the floating roasted sesame seed is a actually good idea!!

    And this line is true, no matter which country the Man belongs to - "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" :-)

  4. Pavithra - Well, I am not shy to admit about failing. After all, we fail in one thing or rather. I think sincerely is appreciate by many out there.

  5. egg tofu new ingredient to me,but the snack looks delish.

  6. After japanese , Russian r best. Don't know where we stand. Apart from that tofu is perfect for appetizer dish.

  7. You really have the guts to share your personal experience in public. I really appreciate and very happy for you that you have a good companion in life. Hugs Nava.
    I can get these Japanese egg tofu here. Will try it for sure. Looks really crispy.

  8. I enjoyed reading this post. Tofu looks fantastic. . Not a fan of tofu but this makes me want to finish that plate :)

  9. Egg tofu is new to me.. I really love the crispy outcome.. Very nice clicks..

  10. I'd love to make this for my boys when they come home. Sounds wonderful!!

  11. Delightfully yummy. But I may like to skip the frying and pop them to bake in the oven instead.

  12. Hi Nava, we fail at times. That's part of life. Loved your way of presenting it openly. Happy to know that you have found the partner. He must be one lucky fella to eat those crumb coated tofu.

  13. I don't know about Japanese women but I am sure Punjabi women are very caring and always put their husbands and children first. Like Dhanish I appreciate your guts of sharing your personal experience on the blog.I have been reading your blog from quite a while and I know you have that honesty and straightforwardness which I like about you.
    Although I am not a big fan of tofu but deep fried and crunchy makes it drool worthy and I am happy to taste.

  14. Life is ours Nava, we can do what we want. Love these crispy fried Japanese tofu.

  15. Lovely post Nava,, Yummy and crispy tofu.. Hugsxx

  16. happy to follow your wonderful blog :)

  17. I had this before and wondering how to make this. Thanks for the recipe

  18. Crispy exterior, and soft tofu interior, this sounds dreamy, especially with that sauce :D


  19. never heard about this fact nava.. even indian male want us to be like full time machine.. btw nice preparation :)

  20. Intresting stories about japanese women . Love the way Tofu is used here .
    This looks Delicious .

  21. looks very inviting & crispy.......must try to read your blog.

  22. Sooooo true nava..I had some heartfelt moments reading this post and am lost for words.

  23. Yummy!!! That really look very crispy, i would soo love to sink my teeth into that!!

  24. You have taken the simple and humble tofu to a different level.....with the crispiness of the breadcrumbs and the sesame infused soya sauce


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