Friday, March 1, 2013

Penang Nyonya - AEON Bukit Tinggi (Klang)

As said before, we tend to shop in Aeon during weekends when occasion calls for retail therapy. We returned again to the mall (Vietnam Kitchen and Nyonya Delight Cafe) and by now, we were already familiar with the choices on where to eat. Definitely cramping in the steamboat and Japanese eateries is out of the question because we don't like to wait in the long queue neither be with those who behave as though they haven't eaten for years.  

We walked pass Penang Nyonya and preferred to be among the customers who were enjoying their meals and didn't care less with our presence at the entrance.
We ordered and within five minutes, the hot tea and orange juice were already on our table, followed by the tom yam set and briyani ayam/chicken set.   

The tom yam set came with the ever popular Thai soup, prawn sambal, rice and pulut hitam/glutinous rice sweet porridge. My other half loved the the sambal - fiery reddish gravy with tender prawns which tasted good with the white rice. The soup cannot be faulted either. Yet it lacked the big bold original Thai flavours and was more of an instant version. Still he ate up and conveniently passed the pulut hitam/glutinious rice sweet porridge to my side.  

By then, I was half way through with the briyani chicken set served with colourful fragrant rice, chicken sambal/gravy, another sambal/chilli gravy, cucumber pineapple achar/pickle and papadam, accompanied with  fried spring roll and chilli sauce.  
Lovely complete set meal I have to say - my kind of food, also suited for others who love such a true Malaysian dish with those chilli cooked dishes that represents the quintessential flavours. Despite that, since I am more of a nibbler than someone with good appetite, I couldn't finish off everything. Also, I had to keep some space in my tummy because two desserts were on stand-by - the glutinous rice sweet porridge which my other half didn't want and the pengat pisang that came with the tom yam set. 

The first was good - not overly sweet and the dark purple rice soaked in coconut milk is my all time  favorite. The penget pisang (banana in thick coconut milk, sweetened with palm sugar) however was a setback - too much of sugar until I stopped after a few spoons. That too I only eat the fruit.  Apart from the little hiccups, there wasn't any major dissatisfaction I should highlight. Believe me you.  

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  1. Hey Nava, when were u in Penang? It's my turn next weekend! Any place to recommend?

  2. just had banana leaf rice at 5pm and now hungry after looking at photos

  3. Food looks good Nava, Love to read your restaurant reviews. You take the reader along with you.

  4. Simple and straightforward place. Had a couple of meals here after our meeting in BT.

  5. the food looks great ms.nava k!! :) happy weekends to you and tc always :D


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