Monday, March 25, 2013

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant - USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya

It is definitely a familiar ground, Taipan is where I am at least once a month for some reason or rather. On this day, Taipan was the meeting point for lunching with one of my male friends. This friend of mine, sure, can be regarded as a foodie, but I don't know what's with Indians and their phobia for a Korean meal. Wonder why, maybe because they are not exposed yet to Korean food, I had to like convince my friend over and over again, until he just couldn't refuse, prior to us taking the lift up to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant. On the first floor, spacious and neat ambiance, when we stepped foot at about 2.15pm, there was only two customers who were almost finishing off thier meal. 

We sat, menu came by at once, Doarae by the way is a similar concept to Woo Ga Chon and Da Sa Rang. Bbq, set meals or individual dishes, we ordered Dolsot Bibimbap, Soon-Dubu-Jjigae and Sam-Gye-Tang and Herbal Tea.  Tea came at once, thereafter, the Korean side dishes.
Mit Bachan is forever akin the must foundation for Korean meal, my friend was utterly impressed once he started tucking into these colourful and appetizing sides. Kimchi, veggies, tofu etc etc, kimchi i is my all time favourite, the other that won my heart during this lunch was succulent cockles in a tadbit of spicy-salty-tangy sauce, my friend on the other hand hailed the healthy vegetable and tofu dishes.  

Arriving thereafter were the three mains. Vegetarian bibimbap in a ceramic bowl, consisting of hot white rice, various veggies, seaweed, Korean chilli sauce and a raw egg atop. All mixed together by the staff, we eat this loveable, faring really good, famous Korean vegetarian dish.  

Equally pleasing for its fiery, spicy and deep flavours was the "soon-dubu-jjigae"/Korean stew consisting of Kimchi, veggies and custardy tofu.
Polishing off every bit of the soup, we however struggled with the "sam-gye-tang" (chicken soup with rice, garlic, scallion and Korean ginseng). Big portion for the two of us, we also couldn't stand its overpowering somewhat strong ginseng and chicken smell. We just wouldn't go any further after a mouthful each.  Wasted. Gone to waste. 
Not a cheap meal, we paid RM74.80. Perhaps if I look at the other side of it, I think its reasonably priced, considering that portions were big, worth sharing between three or four people and taste-wise, wasn't a let down, except maybe for the rice chicken soup. 
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  1. Awesome pics.. Am drooling over it :)
    Maybe some day I get a chance to dine in a Korean eatery :)

  2. Looks delicious Nava, especially the side dishes...
    Enjoy your week my dear :)

  3. Lovely post and I love the food served in this restaurant!! :)

  4. The soon-dubu-jjigae look fiery good!

  5. i have been to the Kota Damansara's branch before.


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