Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant (Telok Gong, Klang)

My last food venture to Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant I think is approximately two years back or so (Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant). Thus, when my food spotting gang suggested  Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant again, I was up and about happily beaming. Why not? Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant didn't fail me the last time, I was also curious to find out whether anything else is gonna be new in this restaurant which has made a name among nearby or far seafood lovers. Car pooling was the best option, instead of wasting petrol, also, because some of us were not really sure which is the leading road to Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant. Somehow we managed, not before waiting for each other along the way, from Shah Alam to arrive at about 7.30pm in Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant 

Different. No more like a large shabby hut, Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant has been upgraded to another level up. Maybe even bigger, cemented floor, attap roof, but same plastic chairs and tables. Maybe cleaner as well, service is now by foreign workers, which seemingly is the trend in many other Malaysian restaurants. Once we secured two tables, we sat, we nibbled over the crispy crackers and then order calling started. Chinese tea of course is the customary drink for such a Chinese seafood meal. 

Prompt service, within the next few minutes, we tucked into fried soft tofu pieces, accompanied alongside cucumber slices, mayonnaise and chili sauce. Simple dish, a dish which seemingly taste better in restaurants compared to when we make at home, simply fried tofu kept our tummy warm instead of we getting agitated since its already way past our regular meal time. By the next five minutes or so, the rest of the dishes arrived, simultaneously one after the other.    
Glossy, shiny and crunchy Garlic Stir Fried Sawi/Mustard Green is a plain dish, yet a must order, this one didn't let us down either. Crispy fried sotong is the other, forever the loved for crackling munch and punch, with or without the chilli sauce.  

The hearty portion of Lala Bihun, bihun fried over high heat alongside cabbage, garlic and fresh clams/lala, atop with spring onion was fairly good. We couldn't find any fault with it. Salted Egg Crab was not too bad either. We Malaysians are always in love with its salty and curry leaf scented burst. However Chilli Crab was not as expected. Sincerely, we would have appreciated a lot more of spiciness for hard kicking our strong Malaysian palates. Still, I doubt if we should debate on the freshness of lala/clams and crabs. Maybe fresh, or maybe taste overtook freshness.  

Eating crabs is indeed a big feast, we chewed, we nibbled, we crack opened the claws and we dug into the shells. Satisfying, though seemingly both the Salted Egg Crab and Chilli Crab were akin cooked ahead even before we ordered. Cold by the time we tucked in, instead of piping hot as how they should be. Paying RM132.30 for the eight of us was agreed upon as a reasonable food venture to Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant 


  1. LOL...been there. Love the food there. Lunch time they even give complimentary soup.

  2. What a feast! I love crabs! The salted egg version looks mouth watering. And the best part is after tt, you can lick all the salted egg off your hands =P

  3. Nava,I can see that u are a seafood lover ,I love the crabs too in spite of being messy I just cannot resist digging in.Egg coated that looks interesting to me.

  4. Its myfav too...salted egg crab...teluk gong is our fav spot for good seafood


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