Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak

Options. We like options, we prefer options, we want options and I of course must agree. I must give you options as well. Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang, Nasi Lemak or this Vegetarian Nasi Lemak (Thai Green Vegetable Curry). Precisely. We definitely need options and I won't deprive you. What is this whole thing to this Vegetarian Nasi Lemak? Remember my previous recipe - Vegetarian Mutton Stir Fry? Yes. The same mushroom stalks vegetarian mutton. Nasi lemak on the other hand? Our Malaysian coconut rice. Rice (Vegetarian Rice Pilaf, Vegetable Briyani & Turmeric Rice) basically cooked alongside coconut milk. Henceforth, I am not, no, not attaching the recipe for coconut rice because? You tell me why? How many different types of coconut rice are there? Not as far as I know. Neither was I interested in testing or coining. Basically, lemme repeat myself again. You can grabbed the recipes from my previous two nasi lemak recipes I have already linked above. Rice matter (Coriander Rice, Lemon Cashew Rice & Dhal Rice) sorted out, time now we speak about vegetarian rendang. In fact, almost the same style as Chicken Rendang  but I reduced the amount of ingredients. Why? Cooking is not always about using hundreds of ingredients remember? Making do with what we already have instead of spending on ingredients? Right. Condiments for this Vegetarian Nasi Lemak? The standard of course? Cucumber and instead of fried anchovies or fried peanuts, I opted for really thinly sliced fried shallots. Why not right?

1/2 packet (about 300g) vegetarian mutton - break up as individual rolls, gently rinse and squeeze out water.
4 to 5 kaffir/limau purut leaves
1/2 lime - extract juice
4 tbsp oil
Salt and sugar for taste

For the rendang paste
10 dried red chillies (or as needed)
5 shallots
1 inch galangal/lengkuas
5 garlic
** Blend/process to a thick paste
1 smashed lemongrass/serai
When oil is heated, fry paste with lemongrass till aromatic and oil splits.
Add mutton and the rest of the ingredients.
Gently stir as not to break the mutton rolls.
Once the gravy thickens (depending on how thick you prefer), remove from heat.


  1. What an interesting substitution! So much flavor in this dish, and I am trying to eat more vegetarian food these days.

  2. Delicious and spicy treat I would love to find them here.

  3. I love the way the vegetarian mutton mushroom rendang presented. :)

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  4. vegetarian! a good option for folks like me who are trying to cut down on our meat intake.

  5. mmmm yummy....

    I love nasi lemak for breakfast


  6. the foods looks drooling ms.nava!! awhh i been waiting for u to post nasi lemak recipe, will try this sometime yeah!! :) happy thank u for sharing ms.nava

  7. I don't think I have seen in the market here or ever heard of.In fact when I clean mushrooms I break and throw the small stalks adjoining to it. i really like idea of making mushroom rendang.

  8. YAY I love veggie meat dishes :D
    This looks awesome!


  9. hi nava, i am still amazed and wondering how the vegetarian muttton looks like- curious as well, love to try this. bookmark with thanks and have a nice day


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