Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Restoran Loon Sing - Nilai (Negeri Sembilan)

Chinese New Year reunion dinner has always and forever been a customary norm and ritual from ancient years, many years ago. I believe so, I hope I am not wrong. But, over the years, reunion dinner plot has thicken. Grandmothers, mothers, daughters and daughter-in-laws have given up on slogging in the kitchen. Grandmas and moms I believe still wouldn't mind, yet, with the current generation of career daughters and daughter-in-laws, reunion dinner is ushered in Chinese restaurants. Can't be in Indian or Malay restaurants, can't be, on top of that, people like us are now part of the dinner. Trend has changed I suppose, so, we were among the rest in Restoran Loon Sing for this way earlier reunion dinner. Almost, coming close to 100 people, Restoran Loon Sing indeed can accommodate big groups, in fact, it is a popular avenue for wedding dinners.  

Tables laid and cutleries already arranged, we took our seats. Pretty much a predicable dinner, as in other Chinese dinners as well, menu seated on the table is the indication on whats gonna be food for thought. For a Chinese New Year reunion dinner, it must start positively with "Yee Sang". Must. Otherwise, you won't be blessed for the coming year. Customary Yee Sang, a dish tossed as high up as possible, never mind if we mess up the table and floor, who cares when luck is more important than wasting. So, toss as high as you can the assorted of julienne vegetables, fruits, crackers, condiments, sauces and the core ingredient in this dish is definitely thinly sliced raw salmon. Thereafter, scoop this crunch, refreshing, sweet, tad bit spicy and tad bit salty composite, eat as much as you like for making your mouth, heart and inner feelings happy, hoping that a roaring year awaits you.  

Next on our menu was Steamed Ginseng Chicken Soup. Per bowl each, already prepared in that way, succulent chicken pieces in a Chinese herbs scented broth. Utmost packing a subtle punch for nutritiousness. For my other half-half, since he is chicken free, he had thick gooey fish soup which fared quite right.   

At this juncture, while waiting for the next dish, reunion dinner was enliven with free flow of booze, such a Chinese dinner too will not be complete without karaoke singing. Oh-no, did the non-Chinese have any other choice? No.We had to put up with the beautiful and ugly singing. Thank god, Roasted Pork, teamed with Mantou Buns/Steamed Buns arrived, we were saved. We indulged in eating. Sinful pork pieces cooked alongside soy sauce, the core ingredient, we tucked a piece into the bun and munched down. Not bad. I especially love sinful pork pleasures. Yum.  

Thereafter arrived the Vegetable Platter. Soft mushrooms, crunchy broccoli and flat tofu pieces, soaking in a thick brown sauce. Hailed for its fiber healthiness, Vegetable Platter did make all of happy.  
Next came the Pan Fried Prawns. Fresh juicy crispy prawns, stir fried alongside chillies, garlic and spring onion. Quite a messy sight if you are seated with those who will split the shells and heads all over the table. I am not really a prawn person, I still ate one piece, and I was satisfied with its mild spicy punch and kick.  
The last three dishes before night called were steamed fish in soy sauce and garnished with julienne spring onion, glutinous rice with mushrooms and lap cheong and I just so loved the thick pumpkin sago coconut milk dessert. Deliciousness. Steamed fish and glutinous rice too caught my taste-buds, but any glutinous rice dish can fill you quickly, it can also bloat your tummy. So, I took it easy,  nevertheless, I wacked all the lap cheong. Oh-my, as I have already said earlier, I just so love notorious pork fats and lard that comes in different forms, shapes and sizes. 
Over. Officially, tucking into food was over, of course, dancing and singing continued. We stayed for a while for our share of fun, and then, a long drive back home to Shah Alam.


  1. Wah,,that's kinda early for reunion dinner! I wanna join u so I can have few more rounds nearer d date!

  2. i for one think food should always have meaning, so i love this!
    the pic of all the chopsticks diving in is awesome! what a feast for my eyes, i wish it could be for my mouth as well!

  3. Looks like a delicious meal, Nava. It is always fun to enjoy food in group.

  4. Wow Nave, what a wonderful dinner...everything looks delicious.
    Hope you are enjoying your week!

  5. Mantou and roast pork...lovely pairing!

    I agree that many restaurants are beginning to learn that diners now prefer something less sweet and healthier. Its flavour more than sweetness that matters.

  6. Everything looks delicious, Nava! No wonder you love celebrating your CNY reunion dinner there!

  7. Im drooling for the yee sang and soup now!! ms.nava!! give me some :D may i?? hehehehe

  8. im chinese but i didnt go for lou sang lo T.T


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