Thursday, January 10, 2013

Super Star Libra Cruise - My Solo Cruising

Remember, I told you (Perth Australia Part 1)? The unexpected, least I expected trip to Perth (Perth Australia Part 2)? Actually, the main reason being knowledge thirsting. Of course, why shouldn't I miss out on sightseeing if I can? Sure. And after returning from Perth within a month, I took off again. Again? Yep. Me embarking on a cruise trip and one which in fact I had already booked and paired for even before heading to Perth. Guess then? Another travelling story of mine and another solo mine. Solo Nava on her own again (Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City) and my first ever full blown cruise. Three nights of sleeping on board and sightseeing during the day. Cruise by itself? Done it before, but this will be, lemme repeat myself again. A complete package instead of like those cruises included as a small fraction of the itinerary (Bangkok Thailand).   

The start to Super Star Libra Cruise? By 6.00am from home to Berjaya Times Square for hopping into the coach by 7.00am and before journeying to Penang where cruise will be taking off. All arrangements including the coach journey and sightseeing inclusive. Of course, I have prior paid and me specifically opting for Phuket and Krabi shore excursions. Arriving in Penang by 1.00pm and me having lunch with my Penang cousin, thereafter on board amongst the hundreds, followed by entering my cabin.    
Cabin? Just a tiny square. The tiniest square bathroom and another square for putting me head down at night and since its solo-me, I had the choice between sleeping on either of the two double decker beds. Each facing each other and just a tiny space in between. TV watching in cabin? Forget it. TV will be there, but just a shaky screen and wifi. RM7.00 an hour at the desktop computer outside at the corridor. Don't waste you time. Basically, no internet connection for the next three days. Duh! What did I do after putting my things in my cabin? To the lobby where I met up with those people who traveled in the same bus and then, we going our own ways. Me walking throughout Super Star Libra Cruise and when I noticed the spa at the top deck beside the gym, I decided. Pampering to body massage. Right. Feet pampered first and thereafter to one of the cabins which has been transformed to a spa/treatment room for body massage.  

Sincerely appreciated. Spa treatment made me happy. Subsequently, me walking around again and this time, to the pool open area. My god/! What a scene. Chinese dollings parading up and down in skimmy bikinis and the Indians? So many of them mind you. Huge buggers in swimming trunks conquering the Jacuzzi, whereas the ladies jumping into the pool wearing maxis and the best part of it all, can you believe it? Indian kissing openly going on. Supposedly people from the land of culture, but now, as though an escape to open romance. Honestly, they couldn't be bothered. Lying on each other, grabbing each other so tight, kissing and as though they are in an isolated island all by themselves. God! Shocking cultural shock. Phew. Did all these bother me? Not at all. Me completely ignoring them but they had to stare at me as though I am from alien space. 
Spending my next, say an hour idling my time at the top deck, once sun went down, I helped myself to food served within this same area. Quite a good and tasty spread. Great satisfying meal.

After dinner? Well, to the auditorium for the free dancing and singing show prior to heading to my cabin and literally forcing sleep over me. 

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