Friday, December 21, 2012

Restaurant Chow Kiat - Jalan Kapar (Klang)

Where else can a Bak Kut Teh food paradise be? If I am not mistaken, and I hope you are agreeing that the best bkt must be from Klang? Potentially. In fact, Klang and the aplenty choices to bkt eateries or even road side stalls. Which one did we opt for? Restaurant Chow Kiat (18, Jalan Kapar). Basic and unassuming like most bkt eateries. In fact, a coffee shop style ambiance and for whatever reason it may have been, Restaurant Chow Kiat literally empty on this Friday. Maybe still early for dinner? Or most probably those who dive into bkt meal prefer coming over at later hours or wee hours? Really, I don't know but we already taking our seats by 6.00pm. We sat and at once service coming to our way.  My two friends taking charge and me basically agreeing to whatever. In other words, I can tuck into any part of the pork. Drinks on the other hand? Nothing like Chinese tea for bkt? Of course. We picking the sachet from the choices given and putting the tea leaves in a pot and pouring hot water atop.  

Our bkt call? Of course we need rice and chillies and garlic in soy sauce for alongside the bkt dishes. Which bkt dishes by the way? Huge bones in soup, the fatty parts of pork in another bowl in soup, the inner gadgets of pork in another bowl, plus tofu sheets in the other.  

How? Really, really tender meat. No. You won't struggle in chewing until your gums will hurt. In fact, really soft meat and the broth/soup. Tastiness without being overpowered by the quintessential Chinese herbs needed for simmering pork and water in tandem. Honestly, nothing nor could be faulted (RM45.00). Another meal in Restaurant Chow Kiat? If we are in Klang again. Why not.


  1. this is klang style BKT? I like BKT, but prefer the peppery (teochew) version =)

  2. bkt....being a klgrian....bkt is a must dish for me n family...atleast once in a month...but i nvr tried the intestines....i love the dry version as well

  3. I would like to know does the shop have any off-day. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I was here on a weekday. I am not sure on their hours.