Sunday, December 2, 2012

Black Pepper Crab

Herbs and spices? Don't you think they just complete our dishes? They just bring with them the appreciated scent, aroma and tastes? I reckon. In fact, I must say yes (Baked Lemon Chicken, Coriander Rice, Easy Chicken Kebab & Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish). Whether these are the local herbs and spices, or imported or growing in your garden. If you are asking me, I generally stick to local herbs and some of it like lemongrass, curry leaves and basil leaves are plucked from my garden. Of course, if I need to buy, I still do, but my style to my cooking is our local herbs. Seldom, maybe once a while, I won't mind paying, other than that, its a no (Chilli Lime Fish & Curried Roast Chicken). Therefore, the basil leaves for this Black Pepper Crab? Yep. From my garden and trust me, this type of basil will grow like nobody's business in our Malaysian weather. And crabs? Not always because (Crab Curry & Indian Crab Soup)?  You must make sure the crabs you buy are really fresh and what else should I say? Maybe we are concern about seafood and cholesterol, but when we eat, we don't stinge. We make sure we satisfy our crab craving to the maximum. How to cook Black Pepper Crab? Follow this recipe of mine and I am certain you won't be lost (Nandu Rasam & Malaysian Chilli Crab). Fresh grounded/blended paste made from ginger, turmeric, shallots and black pepper, and the rest of the ingredients listed below in which crabs are cooked. Can you imagine how it will be like tucking into this Black Pepper Crab (Chilli Honey Clams)? 

6 medium size flower crabs - remove shell and cut into two pieces
3 green chillies - slice into 4-5 pieces
1 tbsp lime juice
A handful of Thai sweet basil leaves (or replace with coriander leaves)
1/2 cup water.
Salt for taste

To blend/ground
1 inch ginger
1 inch fresh turmeric (can replace with turmeric powder)
5 shallots
1-2 tbsp black pepper 
** Add some water and blend these ingredients for a smooth paste

When oil is heated, fry paste till aromatic and oil splits
Add crabs and stir into the paste.
Pour 1/2 cup of water (more water for more gravy), stir and simmer till crabs are cooked.  
Add chillies, basil leaves, lime juice and salt . 
Stir all together for a couple of minutes and dish out. 


  1. Just saw this on FB, had to pop in and see the recipe. Looks yum. I think I'll make this for dinner tonight but with prawns, can't get raw crabs easily! Hope you're ok!

  2. Nava, I have tried crab meat once some time back in Sushi, I can't recall the taste. But what I remember is that I said I can try crab meat only in patties as long as I don't have to hold and bite. Its a matter of preference my husband relish as you said biting and digging. Your curry sounds flavorful,though.

  3. What an incredibly gourmet dish my friend :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Crabs is one of my favourite seafood.

    Sigh...duno why this few months whenever, i eat seafood i will have rashes. Allergic? Hmmm but previously no such problem :(

  5. Anything with basil is always yummy to me. Yet to cook any crabs since I don't know how to kill a crab.

  6. i'm gonna try this recipe someday!! look's yummy i love crabs specially black pepper cooked style :D

  7. I use to make it the same way except I add coconut milk to it.

  8. A big plate of this delicious recipe well put together all ingredients on point


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