Sunday, November 4, 2012

Malaysian Chicken Chop

My style to my chicken chop. Obviously. Being a typical Malaysian (Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles) I named it as Malaysian Chicken Chop. Chicken Chop? Not always a fancy frilly food for us. In fact, we hardly. Maybe when we dine out? Otherwise, its the standard kind of chicken dishes. Of course, every now and then, every once in a blue moon or white moon, I won't mind exploring something new and something different and coming into my today's food picture is this Malaysian Chicken Chop. Just a meal for me, myself and I because, I think I have told you before? I am certain I did? My other half--half and chicken can't see eye to eye (Easy Chicken Kebab, Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken & Chicken Curry Noodles). He is anti-chicken? Yep. How did I go about making my Malaysian Chicken Chop? Honestly, no recipe guide whatsoever and (Salted Egg Chicken, Baked Cornflakes Chicken & Braised Chicken Feet) and I, as you know, always begin with what's already stocked up at home. Those sauces (Sweet Chilli Chicken) especially and maybe even fresh ingredients as well. Flour and egg mixture crispy fried chicken (Ayam Goreng Berempah), spicy sauce atop, and paired alongside my style mashed potato. 

For the chicken chop
2 medium size chicken fillets - flattened to even out the thickness. 
Oil for frying

Seasoning (a)
1 egg
1 tbsp corn flour
2 tbsp plain flour
Pepper and salt for taste
** Marinate chicken with these ingredients for at least 2 hours.

For the spicy sauce
2 tbsp butter
5 tbsp Thai chili sauce (or as needed)
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 1/2 tbsp yogurt (lightly whisk to remove lumps)

For the mashed potatoes
2 medium size potatoes - simmer till tender and mashed
1 tbsp butter
Pepper and salt to taste
Spring onion as needed - chopped
*** Mix and combine these ingredients together.

Deep fry chicken pieces in hot oil.
Remove and place on a serving plate.
Melt butter and add all the ingredients for the sauce.
Stir for a while and pour the sauce over fried chicken pieces.
Serve with mashed potatoes. 


  1. I like the spicy thai sauce with chicken chops and the way you served it with mashed potatoes and green onion ribbons.

  2. Chicken chop is one of my Favorite.. GOOD..

  3. Nava, you've got some restaurant-styled food going on here. Awesome!

  4. Brilliant colour...I'll like to do the same but include some potato skin in my mash as well. Perhaps I will grill my chicken. I am quite hopeless at frying:(

  5. This looks SO good. I'm very hungry right now!

  6. Interesting combination. I don't think I have ever tried eating curry and mashed potato in a meal. Am thinking of drizzling the curry sauce over the mashed potato

  7. A simple but effectively flavoured chicken my friend, nice one :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Great choice, NK! I can see no matter what Ang Moh food you eat, you've got to have a little Asian in there. huh? I always have to have some chilli! Your picture's great, BTW!


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