Monday, November 12, 2012

Double One Bistro & Pub - Kelana Business Centre (Kelana Jaya)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our appointment supposedly at 11.30am was rescheduled to after 2pm. I for once don't like people who can't keep to time. But since we were already at Kelana Jaya on this Friday, to drive back home and returning again will be nightmarish. Therefore, to kill time as well as for an early lunch, we stumbled upon Double One Bistro and Pub. Walking into this slightly dimmed, pretty much another eatery with a bar across the dining area, Double One Bistro was practically empty. Thus, said it all about the efficient service. Yes, at once. From the menu featuring mostly Malaysian food, we opted for the reasonably priced at RM10.80 set lunch.

Within minutes, arrived the small bowls of clear vegetable soup as the starter for the 3 set meals. Just so ordinary a soup, I actually enjoyed its basic taste.
Then arrived the mains - tom yam noodle soup, rice platter with sotong sambal and Chinese fried rice. Tom yam - quite a hearty portion, broth soaking up the rice noodles, prawns, sotong and vegetables. The broth suspected made with instant tom yam paste, wasn't as pleasing as I expected though appeared vibrant and mouthwatering. Actually, I sort of regretted ordering this dish but out of hunger, I still ate. By right, I should have opted for the other set meals, especially the rice platter my half-half tucked into. The spicy sambal I sampled with rice and it surely tasted quite right.

The Chinese fried atop with a fried egg and served with two slices of cucumber may have been another meal but definitely the friend was pleased with its simple tastes.
The coffee included in these  set meals we sipped into and after settling the bill, we left Double One Bistro. If at all I return to Kelang Jaya, I wouldn't mind trying their other reasonably priced set meals.

Double One
11B, Block A, Kelana Business Center
No 97, Jalan SS7/2
Kelana Jaya

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  1. have pass by this place but didnt stop and try out. will keep this place in mind for future :)

  2. Mmmm serene and delicious by day, crazy by night - sounds like fun :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Sorry your dish wasn't top notch! But it was worth a try!

  4. I would love to try the sambal sotong cause I love squids! Just pretty hard to resist.

  5. You'll never know till you try. Malaysia must begin a restaurant review service "Yelp" for diners to seek out options when dining outside :)


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