Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegetable Raita

The cooked or uncooked as a must have vegetable side dish? Both also can. Its really up to you. In my house, usually, I tend to do the cooked version (Plantain Crumble, Aloo Gobi & Indian-Style Mustard Greens). Of course, every now and then, making an entry on our dining table is a raw salad (Mango Cucumber Salad) or a tiny bit of cooking involved, the tempering part vegetable dish. Specifically this Vegetable Raita. A close cousin or related to the previous Cucumber Yogurt Salad.The tempering, as I have already mentioned and what sets this Indian yogurt vegetarian salad apart (Vegetarian Mutton Stir Fry, Tomato Spinach Soup, Dhal Rice & Drumstick Sambar). Still, nothing complicated. Never mostly for my recipes. Those ingredients listed in A, already diced (Carrot Poriyal) and sliced, thereafter tossed and mixed with the tempered in oil curry leaves and mustard seeds. Tadaa! Our Vegetable Raita is ready. 
Ingredients (A)
1/2 cucumber (leave the skin on but remove the seeds)
1/4 carrot
1 tomato
1 large red onion
** cut these ingredients into small pieces/dice
1 green chili - slice thinly
1 red chili - slice thinly
2 1/2 tbsp yogurt (add more if you like)
Salt to taste

For tempering (B)
3 sprigs curry leaves
1 1/2 tsp black mustard seeds
2 tbsp oil

Into a large mixing bowl, add ingredients A.
Heat oil and when heated, fry curry leaves and mustard seeds.
When seeds starts to pop, remove from heat and tip into ingredients A.
Stir well and serve.


  1. coming to think of it. I have never tried before an indian salad

  2. hi nava, what a relief to see the original and reliable comment box. i have another blogger friend who did the same thing- switch back to old comment box.
    bookmarked this appetizing raita with thanks. looks pretty attractive too. i think it looks cooling for the body. have a nice day

  3. uiks...back to the usual comment form. Good. Easier to load.

    I like cucumber too but dont like onions.

  4. That looks refreshing and delicious. If I may, I’d like to invite you to submit your photos to the new YumGoggle, a photo sharing site with the philosophy that if you worked hard to cook it and photograph it, we should show it off! Hope to see you there soon!

  5. Good morning ms.nava, whoooa that vege on the pictures really makes me wanna eat now, it looks so tempting and also fresh!!

  6. looks like a very fresh salad ..
    I like this kind of salad

  7. Salads are so healthy. I used to hate salads. But as age catches, I'm more receptive towards greens now. This is just perfect!

    Hey Nava, I noticed you've changed your comment box again. I was just asking u how's NuffnangX yesterday. Did u see my past few comments?

  8. This is definitely one my favourite Indian sides my friend and your raita looks perfect!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. The salad made my mouth sour. Looks tasty and easy to prepare. :)

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  10. You know what I am going thru, so didn't much go to other blogs. My family love this salad but I never added yogurt or the B part. This is the best option I can do to my kachumber (this is what we call) salad. Bye And reply your email in the evening.

  11. wow beautifully presented,lovely tempting.

  12. Vegetable raita really stand out! And who can says no to it?!

  13. Que delicia estou com água na boca blog maravilhoso
    seguindo sucesso.

  14. Looks so delicious!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase


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